Quest:Reputation -- Foe-finder

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Reputation -- Foe-finder
Level 25
Type Solo
Starts with Request - Foe-finder
Starts at Ost Guruth
Start Region The Lone-lands
Map Ref [31.4S, 29.4W]
Ends with Léoflac
Ends at Ost Guruth
End Region The Lone-lands
Map Ref [31.4S, 29.4W]
Quest Group Lone-lands
Class Scholar
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Attention scholars,

We hope to secure enough foe-finder bow-chants to make our spiders formidable against the spiders' threat. If you can craft these items, we ask that you deliver these items to Léoflac at our encampment at Ost Guruth encampment.


Spiders often poison members of the Eglain, and they wish to better control the spider-population near their home and dig-sites throughout the Lone-lands. To accomplish this, they are requesting that scholars make them foe-finder bow-chats.

Objective 1

Craft eight copies of Bow Chant: Minor For-finder and deliver them to Léoflac at the Eglan-encampment at Ost Guruth.

The Eglain, in an effort to better prepare their provisioners for the dangers posed by the spiders of the Lone-lands, request the creation and collection of foe-finder bow-chants.

  • Turn in
'These will aid us greatly. The spiders will be fearful of our provisioners now that they will be better prepared.
Thank you for doing this.'