Quest:Renewing the Attack

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Renewing the Attack
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Gorroch
Starts at Hata Khezrat
Start Region Lebennin
Map Ref [79.3S, 44.2W]
Quest Group Dor-en-Ernil
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'The Corsairs are planning a new attack against Linhir, <name>. I suspect they are still sore from their shameful retreat from the Dead!

'That being so, I would ask that you seek their orders in this encampment. When we have learned all we are able to, I shall return to Linhir with our findings. You see, I do not wish to cause too much of a commotion here before the time is right.'

'I am thankful that the Corsairs have their orders written down for I doubt their slurred speech can ever be trusted! I shall keep my bonds loose and wait here, <name>. Swiftly now - little time remains!'


Aware of the Corsairs' desire to strike against Linhir once more, Gorroch hopes to discover their plans before they can be put in motion.

Objective 1

  • Collect orders in the Corsair encampment (0/2)

Orders can be found in Hata Khezrat to the north and slightly east of Linhir.

Gorroch has asked you to recover orders from the Corsairs to aid the warriors of Dor-en-Ernil in preparing for a renewed assault on Linhir.

These orders detail a plan for setting siege to Lebennin along its southern coast
These appear to be orders for the initial attack on Linhir, made trivial by the arrival of the Dead

Objective 2

  • Bring the notes you found to Gorroch

Gorroch can be found in Hata Khezrat to the north and slightly east of Linhir.

You have recovered two pages of the Corsairs' orders and should now return them to Gorroch.

Gorroch: 'Bah!
'None of this is useful to us, <name>! The battle these orders speak of at Linhir has come and gone, and the shores of Lebennin are already aflame.
'We need more current orders... something in response to their defeat at Linhir. I would wager that one of their captains holds the orders, but I do not know why he would not have shared them already.
'Seek out a captain here, my friend, and see if you cannot relieve him of his orders.'

Objective 3

  • Search for the last page of the Corsairs' orders

The last page of orders can likely be found on a Corsair captain in Hata Khezrat.

Gorroch has asked you to seek one last page of orders from the Corsairs at Hata Khezrat.

You have deftly slipped the orders from a drunk captain's hand

Objective 4

  • Read the Corsair orders

The orders can be found in your inventory.

You have skillfully taken the orders from a drunk Corsair and should now read them.

The True King:
It has been made known to me that rumours have spread regarding our campaign in Gondor, and the certainty of our victory has fallen into question. It is true that we have been faced with many a setback as of late, but we must not dwell on these past failures. My brother, Azruthor, sought to treat with the Dead on our behalf, but his weakness in the face of would-be warriors of Dol Amroth instead left us with a bitter enemy. The Dead scattered our men at Linhir, but I have seen them rush from these lands to the East. They shall meddle in our affairs no longer!
At long last, the time has come to claim the throne - those of you on land are to renew the attack on Linhir, while the rest of us sail for Pelargir!
I ask this of you all - look upon our fleet along the coast, and see what awaits the men of Pelargir! Of this I am certain - there shall be no defeat for us here. Once again, the line of Castamir will rule and the foolish men that rally to the side of Denethor shall be yours to slay - a just reward for your roles in restoring the true King of Gondor!

Objective 5

  • Talk to Gorroch

Gorroch can be found in Hata Khezrat to the north and slightly east of Linhir.

You have found and read the last of the Corsairs' orders, and should now tell Gorroch of what you have learned.

Gorroch: 'These are ill tidings, <name>.
'If this was all that remained of their forces, I would be less concerned, but it is clear they have scattered since their defeat at Linhir. Some have gone further north along the river's edge, and others still have fled to the hills in the west to rally their numbers once more.
'We must work to keep them weakened, my friend.'