Quest:Reflecting on the Past

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Reflecting on the Past
Level 55
Type Solo
Starts with Moria-mirror
Starts at The Great Hall of Durin
Start Region Zelem-melek
Map Ref [7.7S, 105.3W]
Ends with Símbi
Ends at The Twenty-first Hall
End Region Zelem-melek
Map Ref [5.9S, 105.4W]
Quest Group Moria: Zelem-melek
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

By swiveling this mirror back into place, you will help to restore the old lighting system to the dark and dangerous halls of Moria. It is a small victory for the dwarves' expedition, but a victory nonetheless.


The mirrors of Moria often get knocked out of alignment by the unwelcome inhabitants of the deeps.

Objective 1

Simbi is in the Twenty-first Hall in Zelem-melek.

You should tell Simbi of your restoration of the lighting system in Zelem-melek.

Simbi: 'Ah, <name>! I wondered who brought the light back to this hall. Your efforts to restore the lighting system are a great endeavor, you know. It may seem a minor task, but I think this is a great deed!'