Quest:Quite a Tickle

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Quite a Tickle
Level 20
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Any Ale Association Tavern Keep
Ends with Wald Mugwort
Ends at Ost Haer
End Region The Lone-lands
Map Ref [37.6S, 28.0W]
Quest Group Festival
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I've received a different sort of orders from Jónar, the head of this here society. He hates the Inn League so much that he has assigned me a rather different task than my Inn League neighbour there. Shh, he mustn't hear us!

'A little hobbit named Wald Mugwort went on a wild adventure in pursuit of some Inn League exposure and has landed himself into a spot of trouble. He desires Thistlebelly Brew, a taste of home, in order to work up the courage to get himself out of there.

'Instead, we will deliver him a plain, ordinary beer. Just a beer, nothing more. And what is worse -- it will be from Thorin's Hall. It will be the dwarves that motivate him with their superior brewing skills, not little rascal hobbits.'


You have been tasked with delivering unpleasant things to Inn League Members in need of assistance, something only a terrible <class> would do.

Objective 1

The tavern keep is in the basement of Thorin's Hall.

You should collect a small beer from Thorin's Hall Inn, and then deliver it to Wald Mugwort under the guise of Thistlebelly Brew.

Rúnulf: 'Small beer? Is that all? Are you sure you don't want anything more exciting? Well, if you insist, here you go.'

Objective 2

Wald Mugwort is at Ost Haer in the Lone-lands.

You should bring the fake Thistlebelly Brew to Wald Mugwort. You will trick him with this, for it is actually a small beer from Thorin's Hall.

Wald Mugwort: 'Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will drink it now!'
Wald Mugwort drinks deep of the Small Beer.
'I feel braver already! This is the best-tasting beer I've ever had, and I have had almost every beer west of the Lone-lands!'