Quest:Quenching the Flames

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Quenching the Flames
Level 50
Type Fellowship
Starts with Gormal
Starts at Tármunn Súrsa
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [12.1N, 31.9W]
Quest Group Urugarth
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'There is a great drake-queen which must be slain within Urugarth.

'She is a creature of fierce intelligence and will attempt to evade you. Turn your weapons against her young drakelings...that may goad her into action.

'The fortress of Urugarth lies to the west of here. Be cautious when you approach and do not go alone.'


The drake-queen rules the wilds of Urugarth, spawning broods of drakelings that ravage the countryside.

Objective 1

Urugarth lies to the west of Tármunn Súrsa.

Gormal asked you to go to Urugarth and defeat the drake-queen who dwells there, advising you to attack her drakelings in order to draw her out. He also advised that you do not go alone.

Gormal: 'Go to Urugarth and slay the drake-queen.'

Objective 2

Tármunn Súrsa lies to the east of Urugarth.

You should return to Gormal and tell him of your success.

Gormal: 'The great drake-queen is not more? Then you are truly a <class> of renown. We shall sing of your deeds this night!'