Quest:Preparing an Expedition

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Preparing an Expedition
Level 118
Type Solo
Starts with Hórin
Starts at Skarháld
Start Region Ered Mithrin
Map Ref [34.9N, 45.6W]
Quest Group Dwarf-holds: Ered Mithrin
Quest Chain The Way to Glimmerdeep
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Why have you come here, outsider? You are no Zhélruka. Surely you have some home. If you mean us harm, though you be mighty, the národ will turn their axes on you as one. You will be outnumbered. You will regret the day.

'Or are you hoping to win some wealth? Long-lost dwarf treasure? Know that we have ancient claim to this land and the treasures here are ours. However... perhaps you might win some small share by lending a hand.

'Even now, I am putting together a survey of the Glimmerdeep, a delve we mined once, long ago. Help in our preparations and perhaps you will be permitted to join the expedition.

'Go collect surveying equipment and expeditionary supplies. The surveying equipment is given to the surveyors, the supplies packed in bags. Then we will talk.'


The Zhélruka are preparing a survey of the ancient Glimmerdeep mine.

Objective 1

You should collect surveying equipment and expedition supplies in and around Skarháld.

Objective 2

  • Pack expedition supplies and deliver survey equipment (0/12)

Empty packs and Zhélruka surveyors can both be found in Skarháld.

You should deliver the surveying equipment to Zhélruka surveyors and pack the expedition supplies in empty packs.

EMPTY PACK "An empty pack."
Using ...
Giving ...
Zhélruka Surveyor says, I have been looking for these!
Zhélruka Surveyor says, I still do not think you are welcome here, but I accept these supplies.
Zhélruka Surveyor says, This should suffice for the expedition.
Assisted the Zhélruka expedition (12/12)

Objective 3

Now that you have made the preparations he requested, you should return to Hórin in Skarháld.

Hórin says: 'What is it, kizinek? The expedition is prepared to set off? Truly? You work swiftly, <class>. I must grant you that.