Quest:Practised Villainy

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Practised Villainy
Level 36
Type Solo
Starts with Rowena Parker
Starts at Ost Forod
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [7.3S, 64.3W]
Quest Group Evendim
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The hills of Tyrn Fornech are the refuge of several different tomb-robber bands, <name>, and each of them is becoming increasingly bold.

'If you are sure enough in your abilities, perhaps you could venture north and west of Ost Forod into the hills to confront some of these outlaws? The tomb-robbers that prowl throughout Tyrn Fornech are tougher than those who inhabit Parth Aduial; these are veteran robbers and scouts who have adapted to a harsher life in the hills.

'You'll find veterans and scouts throughout Tyrn Fornech, <name>, and if you don't...they'll find you.'


Rowena Parker is concerned at the increasing boldness of the tomb-robbers that creep among the hills of Tyrn Fornech.

Objective 1

Veteran tomb-robbers and scouting tomb-robbers can be found among the hills north and west of Ost Forod, in Tyrn Fornech.

Rowena Parker has asked you to defeat the experienced tomb-robbers that prowl the hills of Tyrn Fornech.

Rowena Parke: 'You'll find the tomb-robbers throughout Tyrn Fornech, <name>. Defeat these villains, and these lands will be made safer.'

Objective 2

Rowena Parker is at Ost Forod, the old watch-post in Tyrn Fornech.

You have defeated many experienced tomb-robbers in Tyrn Fornech and should return to Rowena with the tale of your success.

Rowena Parke: 'Thank you for this news, <name>. There will always be tomb-robbers in these lands, but perhaps you have helped lessen their numbers or influence somewhat. Take this reward with my thanks.'