Quest:Practice Makes Perfect

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Practice Makes Perfect
Level 1
Type Solo
Starts with Any Master of Apprentices
Starts at A Crafting Area
Quest Group Crafting
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It appears you have learned much about being a <vocation>. I am pleased. Now, allow me to give you a little something for your efforts.'

'Give me a moment and then speak to me again.'


Now that you have finished working on your first steps through your professions, the Masters and Mistresses of Apprentices have a little something for you.

Objective 1

The Masters and Mistresses of Apprentices would like to see you rewarded for your efforts.

Speak with <Master of Apprentices> in the crafting area.

<Master of Apprentices>: 'I have been told you performed admirably, and for that I wanted to see that you were well rewarded. Here, take this. It will allow you to craft any apprentice level recipe that you wish.'
Your reward for this quest is an item that can be found in the LOTRO Store. This item is an alternative to standard ingredients that are found in the game world.
With it, you can craft any recipes of the correct proficiency tier without the need for additional ingredients. These items can only be purchased in the LOTRO Store.