Quest:Plague-bearer of the North

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Plague-bearer of the North
Level 29
Type Solo
Starts with Complete the auto-bestowed quest War and Famine
Starts at Ost Crithlanc
Start Region The North Downs
Quest Group North Downs
Quest Chain Hillmen of the North
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The leader of the Hillmen is near; she is powerful.

A command tent lies at the heart of the camp, sheltered by the walls of Ram Dúath. Oathsworn guards watch over their leader, a powerful witch of the north known only as the Plague-bearer. If unchecked, she will spread her plague into the North Downs.


Hillmen from Angmar followed the Orc army through Ram Dúath into the North Downs and established an encampment near the head of the pass. These Hillmen serve to keep open the passage from Angmar.

Objective 1

Within the shadow of the Ram Dúath a Hillman Plague-bearer commands her forces south into the North Downs. You must find her and defeat her.

You should find and defeat the leader of the Angmarim forces.

After entering the Ram Dúath, you sought out and defeated the leader of the Angmarim forces.