Quest:Pilfered Goods

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Pilfered Goods
Level 89
Type Solo
Starts with Ordlac
Starts at Mead Hall of Oserley
Start Region Broadacres
Ends with Dudsig
Ends at Oserley
End Region Broadacres
Map Ref [45.9S, 67.0W]
Quest Group Oserley
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'It is amazing how we can be so sheltered from the devastation that has befallen our Riding! But as I told you, we seldom receive travellers here.

'Of course we will begin to muster our meagre garrison at once! If we are to do so, we will need help ourselves quelling some small disturbances that have come our way...what with our fighting men being distracted from their duties here.

'Speak with my chief captain, Dudsig, near the stables. He will know what needs to be done. Do not be put off with his appearance...he is from the Stonedeans, where many have the misfortune to have some part of the wild Dunlending blood mixed with that of the Mark.'


You delivered the signet of Oserley to Ordlac, telling him of the siege upon Stoke and Reeve Fríthild's summons.

Objective 1

Dudsig is near the stable in Oserley.

Thane Ordlac instructed you to speak with Dudsig, his chief captain, and learn what aid can be given to Oserley while he musters his meagre garrison.

Dudsig: 'You are not from here, that much is clear. You say that Thane Ordlac has requested you aid us with our troubles? What troubles do you speak of?
'Ah! Stoke is under siege and Ordlac rallies to Reeve Fríthild's aid? Then, indeed, I have a task for you. We have had some small troubles with brigands here -- mainly poor folk from the Stonedeans, I think, in search of food, but they have become dangerous.
'These wayfarers have stolen food and other goods from the people of Oserley...perhaps you could reclaim these things? They have been seen encamped in the western fields at sundry times.'

Objective 2

  • Collect stolen goods (0/5)

The brigand's camp is in the fields west of Oserley.

Dudsig has asked you to recover stolen goods from the brigands who have stolen from the people of Oserley.

You have discovered the camp of the brigands who have been thieving from Oserley

Objective 3

  • Bring the stolen goods to Dudsig in Oserley

Dudsig is near the stable in Oserley, east of the brigands' camp.

You should bring the stolen goods back to Dudsig.

Dudsig: 'You returned?
'I was uncertain that you truly cared about the people of our village. I am glad that I was wrong.
'Take this reward for your efforts.'