Quest:Orcs and Dwarves

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Orcs and Dwarves
Level 26
Type Solo
Starts with Logi
Starts at Iorvinas
Start Region The Lone-lands
Map Ref [32.9S, 32.9W]
Quest Group Lone-lands
Quest Chain Orcs and Dwarves
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Refr Quicksilver, outside, is no member of the Longbeards. He is no member of the Dourhands either. I kow only this, he is a dwarf, and an honourable one at that.

'He may have left his family's lands, but he remembers that he is first and foremost a dwarf! The Dourhands can no longer be considered part of the greater dwarf-kingdom, having fallen enough to live close to Orcs without the sound of battle.

'Because of this, I am requesting that you lend us your aid. Defeat the Dourhands and the Orcs in this ruin and return to me.'


Worried that the Dourhands and Orcs have struck some bargain, dwarves from an expedition to the Misty Mountains have come westward to investigate a ruin.

Objective 1

  • Defeat Tarkrîp Orcs in Iorvinas (0/6)
  • Defeat Dourhand dwarves in Iorvinas (0/6)

Dourhands and Orcs can be found within the halls of Iorvinas.

Logi has asked you to bring an end to the alliance of the Dourhands and Orcs.

Logi: 'A true dwarf would never suffer the stench of an Orc this close tom him! Fool Dourhands, betrayers! They deserve the punishment they will receive.'
  • Talk to Logi
Logi: 'I knew it! Fool Dourhands! We should rid the world of the lot of them! There must be a leader that makes them do these things.'