Quest:Mountain Raiders

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Mountain Raiders
Level 39
Type Fellowship
Starts with Arifael
Starts at Amon Nendir
Start Region The Trollshaws
Map Ref [35.1S, 8.0W]
Ends with Ringhul
Ends at High Moor
End Region The Trollshaws
Map Ref [34.7S, 9.6W]
Quest Group Trollshaws
Quest Chain Thunder in the Mountains
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'There are giants in the Stonemere. Their strength must be broken and, and their leader defeated. Do not attempt to face these foes alone, for they are as dangerous as they are foolhardy, and fools they be if they risk the anger of the Elves.'

'These, my distant kinsmen, have been goaded into bringing war to the Trollshaws. Something evil guides them, but I cannot say what. Nevertheless, they must be dealt with. Will you do this?'


Hostile giants in the Stonemere have violated an ancient treaty by coming down from the mountains and into the Trollshaws.

Objective 1

Hostile giants may be found in the Stonemere near Arifael's dwelling.

Arifael has asked you to make your way into the Stonemere to defeat the hostile giants and slay their leader.

Objective 2

Arifael: 'You have done deeds of great valour, <name>,but I am still worried that my kinsment felt free to come down from the mountains at all.'
'While I care not for the conflicts of Elves or Men or any little folk, Ringhul is my friend, and I woud fain be remiss in my duties as a friend. Would you bring news of my kinsmens' deeds to him upon the High Moor?'

Objective 3

Ringhul is at his post upon the High Moor, north and west of Amon Nendir.
Arifael asked you to return to Ringhul and tell him that his distant kinsmen have begun to come down out of the mountains with the intent of waging war upon the Trollshaws.

Ringhul: 'So, the giants have been beguiled into waging war against Imladris? These are evil tidings indeed...'