Quest:Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Hobbits

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Men, Elves, Dwarves, and Hobbits
Level 110
Type Solo
Starts with King Éomer
Starts at Udûn Foothold
Start Region Udûn
Map Ref [41.1S, 0.5W]
Ends with King Éomer
Ends at Udûn Foothold
End Region Udûn
Map Ref [41.1S, 0.5W]
Quest Chain Mordor
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

' <name>, you have performed many great deeds for the Free Peoples of Middle-earth, but many folk still require aid. To that end, I believe it would be most beneficial for you to swear your allegiance to one of these groups. This would allow you to properly focus your efforts and your skills, thereby contributing as much as you can to their particular needs.'

Select an Allegiance by bringing up your Reputation panel and selecting the Allegiance tab. You may then choose which of the Allegiances to aid first. Once you have finished the complete story of that Allegiance, you may then select another to complete, but you can only undertake one Allegiance at a time.


King Éomer wishes to speak with you concerning your allegiance to the Free Peoples of Middle-earth.

Objective 1

  • Complete 'Chapter 1' of your chosen Allegiance storyline

Representatives from each of the Allegiances can be found at Cirith Gorgor, just inside the ruins of the Black Gate.

Objective 2

King Éomer can be found at the Foothold, just inside Udûn.

King Éomer: 'I know you will be of great help to these folk, <name>! May your skills and your effort on behalf of that Allegiance prove worthwhile as you adventure in Mordor.
'Perhaps one day you will return to fight on behalf of my own kingdom? Ha! We will fight together again, if that comes to pass, and let the foes of the Mark tremble! But for now, my friend, there are other folk who have need of you! Aid your chosen Allegiance to best of your ability!'