Quest:Mekeb-farak: Closing the Books

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Mekeb-farak: Closing the Books
Level 57
Type Solo only
Repeatable Daily
Starts with Orvar Steeleye
Starts at Hadudbâb
Start Region Durin's Way
Map Ref [5.5S, 108.9W]
Quest Group Moria: Durin's Way
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'When the Iron Garrison first ordered me to Mekeb-farak, I admit to a degree of resentment at the decision. I am a warrior, not a scholar. But, having done some cursory exploration of it, I now see that sending a warrior such as myself here was the correct choice.

'My instincts tell me that the creatures within Mekeb-farak are not a mere collection of random foes. They are led by something greater. A captain perhaps? Or at the very least some sort of intelligent beast.

'On occasion, I have seen Orcs walking this road and would hate to abandon my post or that helpless scholar Darri to their whims. It is for that reason alone that I cannot explore too deeply into Mekeb-farak. You, on the other hand, look to have some time on your hands and the fire in your heart to take up arms and slay the foe who leads the intruders.'


While Moria is most well-known as a mine, there is much more to it. It was home to a vast and ambitious culture of dwarves. They were warriors, crafters, and scholars. The knowledge the Dwarves of Moria had amassed is often overlooked when compared to the scale of their structural and prospecting achievements. Seeking to instill a sense of scholarly pursuit within the Iron Garrison, Orvar has been dispatched to the library of Mekeb-farak to reclaim it and rediscover the lost lore within.

Objective 1

The entrance Mekeb-farak lies within Hadudbâb.

Orvar of the Iron Garrison is reluctant to abandon his post and his charge Darri in order to fulfil his duties. In light of this, he has tasked you with entering Mekeb-farak and defeating the leader of the intruders within its halls.

Orvar Steeleye: 'Darri is no warrior and this camp cannot be abandoned. You must enter Mekeb-farak and defeat the one who leads the intruders inside.
'When you have done this, the intruders themselves will become disheartened, whch will make it much easier for us to reclaim Mekeb-farak.'

Objective 2

Orvar is at Hadudbâb.

You should return to Orvar with news of your success.

Orvar Steeleye: 'Well done! You are a warrior after my own heart.
'I can hear the confusion caused by your actions. It will not be long now before we have claimed this library as ours once again!'