Quest:Meat for the Spit (Evendim)

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This page is about the level 35 quest in Evendim. For the level 60 quest in Lothlórien, see Quest:Meat for the Spit (Lothlórien)
Meat for the Spit
Level 35
Type Solo
Starts with Ballard Wilmer
Starts at Ost Forod
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [8.0S, 64.2W]
Quest Group Evendim
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'It is time to build up our foodstuffs and prepare for the coming cold. Elk-meat takes time to dry and is not done overnight, and it must be done before the cold-snap hits. It cannot cure if it is frozen.

'That means it must be gathered now so it has enough time that we will be able to enjoy it later. There are few things that warm a belly more than a spiced, dried piece of elk-meat on a frozen winter night.

'Head into the will find the elk roaming about them. Bring back enough haunches that we will be able to get a few weeks of meals from them.'


In order to dry and cure before the winter cold hits, elk-meat must be gathered now.

Objective 1

Elk can be found wandering the hills north and east of Ost Forod.

Ballard Wilmer asked you to gather elk-meat so he can dry and cure it for the winter.

Objective 2

Ballard Wilmer is at Ost Forod.

Ballard Wilmer will be eager to begin drying and curing the elk-meat.

Ballard Wilmer: 'These are very nice haunches. Looks like the elf had plenty of plants to feed upon this fall.'