Quest:Lost Dwarf

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Lost Dwarf
Level 52
Type Solo
Starts with Styrr
Starts at The Deep Descent
Start Region The Silvertine Lodes
Map Ref [9.9S, 112.7W]
Ends with Flík
Ends at Silvertine Lodes
End Region The Silvertine Lodes
Map Ref [10.9S, 112.2W]
Quest Group Moria: Silvertine Lodes
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'This will be my head for sure. I was not supposed to send Flík out with any tasks, but he kept begging me.

'His father is leading one of the eastern parties of the expedition; if he knew I let his son go out there and he never came back, they would probably throw me down one of these fissures here!

'I will never be heard from again -- unless, of course, you could find him. You would be saving my beard if you managed it!'


Flík went out to deliver supplies to the Flooded Deeps and has not returned. He is the son of one of the expedition's leaders and is thus a valuable asset.

Objective 1

Flík is probably in a camp not far from the road leading through the Silvertine Lodes.

The dwarf Flík has gone missing from the expedition, and you have been asked to find him, for he is the son of an important dwarf. If Flík cannot be found, Styrr will be in a great deal of trouble for allowing harm to come to him.

Styrr: Have you found Flik yet?'
Flík: 'Who are you? Are you a friend? Did Styrr send you to find me? I hope so! I begged for this task, and now all I want is to be back safe in camp.'