Quest:Introduction to Scholarship

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Introduction to Scholarship
Level 1
Type Solo
Starts with Any Master of Apprentices
Starts at A Crafting area
Ends with A Novice Scholar
Quest Group Crafting
Profession Scholar
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The study of the past is a pursuit that provides us with insight into our elders and the ways that they chose.

'I have asked one of our promising novices to watch over and guide any new scholars towards learning the very basics of the profession. Their name is <name>, and they stands near the workbench here at the <location>.

'Speak with they, and they will teach you the very basics as they progresses in their own studies.'


Scholars study the ancient and not-so-ancient past to divine the secrets that were kept there. They can craft many wondrous treasures by learning of the past that can result in potions, oils, and scrolls which can enhance you and your fellows.

Be careful! You will need to complete the correct recipes and deliver the correct items outlined in this quest.

You will need to execute the minor scholar lore recipe and deliver the minor scholar lore scroll. Failing to do so will force you to obtain new raw materials or to restart the quest after a 24-hour delay.

Objective 1

You should speak with the novice scholar to learn more about scholarship.

Master of Apprentices: 'You should speak with the scholar trainer at once!'
Novice Scholar: 'If you are looking for guidance in scholarship, then I am prepared to offer you direction.
'If my methods are too fast, feel free to speak to me again, and I will answer any questions that you may have. I will do my best to provide you with clear direction. The first and most important step is having the proper ingredients.
'I have kept some of these ingredients aside for purpose of providing to new scholars. Take this crate and let us begin.'
Scholar vendors sell ingredients and recipes that are a vital part of any Scholar's training and continued work.
You have been provided with ingredients

Objective 2

The novice scholar provided you with a crate full of ingredients that you can use to execute the scroll of minor scholar lore recipe. Open the crate to get the ingredients.

Novice Scholar: 'To make the scroll of minor scholar lore, you will need to open the crate of ingredients that I provided to you. Equip your scholar's tools and begin your studies.'
Ingredients for Scholars are normally purchased from vendors, or (sic!) found near ruins, inside chests, or sometimes upon sentient enemies. You can also find ingredients on the Auction Hall.
You now have all the ingredients to make a scroll of minor scholar lore

Objective 3

The novice scholar provided you with the ingredients necessary to create a scroll of minor scholar lore.

Novice Scholar: 'You must scribe a scroll of minor scholar lore. To do this, equip your scholar's tools and study the items that were within the crate I provided you.'
To open your crafting panel, you can use the T key or click on the crafting button (it looks like a hammer and anvil) in the lower left part of your UI.
Select the Farming tab in the craft UI and find the proper recipe.
Remember: In order to execute a recipe, you must be near the proper facility. Farming requires a farmland.
You have made a scroll of minor scholar lore

Objective 4

The recipe is complete. Do not sell the scroll of minor scholar lore! It is time to show your handiwork to your mentor, the novice scholar.

Novice Scholar: 'May I see the scroll you penned?'
They takes a moment to admire your handiwork.
'Your script is elegant, and there is nothing wrong with this scroll. You are well on your way towards becoming a scholar. Well done, <name>.'