Quest:Introduction: Metalsmith's Guild

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Introduction: Metalsmith's Guild
Level 1
Type Solo
Starts with Any Master of Crafting Guilds
Starts at A Crafting area
Ends with Lar
Ends at Metalworker's Guild-hall
End Region Thorin's Gate
Map Ref [13.8S, 103.2W]
Quest Group Crafting
Profession Metalsmith
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I see that you have recently gained access to the Metalsmith's Guild, friend. That is a great achievement on the path of Crafting.

'The Guild is a faction that can grant eligible crafters advantages in their craft. In the beginning, you can access better recipes than what you normally find in the world. As you increase in reputation, you gain access to yet more recipes.

'It is never too early to start building your reputation with the Metalsmith's Guild. The leader can be found in Ered Luin near the craft area in Thorin's Hall.'

NOTE: The Guilds are Reputation factions that grant advantages in recipe execution. Reputation is increased by bartering special crafted items.


The Metalsmith's Guild is a society for the finest metalsmiths throughout Middle-earth.

Objective 1

Hávar, the Metalsmith's Guild-leader, is in the Guild-hall in Thorin's Hall.

The Master of Crafting Guilds has asked instructed you to speak with Hávar to learn more about the Metalsmith's Guild.

Master of Crafting Guilds: 'You should speak with the leader of the Metalsmith's Guild immediatly!'
Hávar: 'Welcome to the Metalsmith's Guild! This is an excellent faction for metalsmiths who are looking to benefit from their expertise.
'As the leader of this faction, it is my role to oversee the advancement of your reputation as you trade your items in. I will gladly collect everything you make from our own Guild-recipes!
'To collect the recipes to make the items I seek, you should speak with Reifnir, then with Lar. They will help you to get started.'
NOTE: The role of the Guild-leader is to trade crafted, barterable items in exchange for reputation with the Guild.
The Guild-leader offers you reputation in exchange for crafted items

Objective 2

  • Talk to the vendor who sells crest recipes

Reifnir is in the Metalworker's Guild-hall in Thorin's Hall.

Hávar has directed you to speak with Reifnir to look at what recipes he sells.

Hávar: 'You should speak with Reifnir at once.'
Reifnir: 'You will notice that I have many new recipes for sale. As your crafting ability increases, more recipes will become available, so check back with me often!
'The crests are made from the recipes I sell; those items are the ones you may give to Hávar in exchange for reputation. It's best to start early!'
NOTE: This recipe vendor sells the recipes that let you create unique barter items. The output items are traded for reputation with the Guild.
Reifnir offers many important recipes

Objective 3

  • Talk to the vendor who sells improved recipes

Lar is in the Metalworker's Guild-hall in Thorin's Hall.

Hávar has directed you to speak with Lar to look at what recipes he sells.

Reifnir: 'You should speak at once with Lar.'
Lar: 'I'm the vendor you should come to when you're ready to reap your rewards. I might not have anything you can use just yet, but my recipes will be available once you advance your reputation with us!
'The goods that you can make from my recipes are far superior to any recipe you find and will guarantee the utmost success in crafting. Make sure you come back again once you reach Acquaintance level with the Metalsmith's Guild!'
NOTE: The improved recipes sold at this vendor are the rewards for gaining reputation with the Guild.
Lar offers advantageous rewards for members of the Metalsmith's Guild