Quest:Into the Woods

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Into the Woods
Level 20
Type Solo
Starts with Gil Sandheaver
Starts at Hengstacer Farm
Start Region Bree-land
Map Ref [22.2S, 52.2W]
Ends with Walt Whitrose
Ends at Nen Harn
End Region Bree-land
Map Ref [22.3S, 44.0W]
Quest Group Bree-land
Quest Chain Into the Woods
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I swear I seen it, though me neighbours say what I'm off me head. I was in the far north Chetwood near Nen Harn, all alone of course, and I saw something moving through the trees.

'No, that's not quite right. It appeared to me that the trees themselves was moving. Something big and terrible is in the woods, and I'm afraid of what it might be.

'There's a group of hunters who make their camp on the western edge of Nen Harn, I was up there delivering the missus' snapper soup and got me a bit lot -- that's when I saw it. When I found them, I told them what I seen, and I wonder if you could ask Walt Whitrose if he's seen the same?'


The woods of Bree-land can be dark and mysterious. Some places are darker than others....

Objective 1

Walt Whitrose is camped within the ruins at the western edge of the lake known as Nen Harn.

Gil Sandheaver asked you to speak with Walt Whitrose about the strange thing he saw north of the Far Chetwood.

Gil Sandheaver: 'Well, what did Walt tell you?'
Walt Whitrose: 'Gil Sandheaver says what? Well, I'll not be denying that the Old Forest is a queer place -- and no matter what anyone tells you, the trees do move -- but I've never heard tell of any such in the Chetwood.
'Still, if Gil sent you here to talk with me then it is fair to think that he had himself quite a scare.'