Quest:Into the Ironfold: Utterby

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Into the Ironfold: Utterby
Level 116
Type Solo
Starts with Landscape
Starts at Iron Hills
Start Region Iron Hills
Ends with Spall
Quest Group Dwarf-holds: The Ironfold
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Investigate the rumours about the Dalish town of Utterby.


Investigate the rumours about the Dalish town of Utterby.

Objective 1

You should talk to Spall about investigating the rumours regarding Utterby.

Spall: 'Behold, <name>: Utterby, a trading town of the Dale-men. At least, that is what it had been before the battles upon the Ironfold. Viewed from a distance, one cannot help but suspect some rumours we have heard are true.
'I am not a warrior and I have no desire to march into the lion's mouth, yet all the same, we must get a bit closer to be sure. Let us tour both the southern gate and the east gate, and see if we may learn who controls Utterby now, and how that has come to pass.'

Objective 2

  • View Utterby's south gate
  • View Utterby's east gate
  • Learn who controls Utterby
  • Find signs of what happened

You should scout Utterby with Spall, making sure to get a view of the south and east gates, and looking out for signs of who controls the town now and how that came to pass.

Spall says, "Tents at the south gate... and those are Jangovar milling about!"
Spall says, "A siege or an occupation? That is the question."
Spall says, "The east gate is fully guarded by the Easterling foe. Do Dale-folk remain within?"
JANGOVAR STANDARD "The marching standard of the Jangovar army."
Spall says, "This flag of the Jangovar has been set up along the path."
BANNER OF DALE "This banner marked Utterby as under the sovereignty of Dale."
Spall says, "A discarded banner of Dale."
Spall says, "Torn down by foes, one can only imagine!"

Objective 3

  • Talk to Spall

Now that you have scouted the perimeter of Utterby, you should talk to Spall.

Spall: 'Though we cannot be sure without, as I said, marching straight into the lion's mouth, I fear the rumours we had heard in court hold some truth here. Jangovar tents at both gates, their flags raised and the Dalish ones thrown down? That is truly an ill sign carved in plain runes, if you ask me.'