Quest:Into the Ironfold: Skald's Drop

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Into the Ironfold: Skald's Drop
Level 116
Type solo
Starts with Landscape
Start Region Iron Hills
Ends with Spall
Ends at Skald's Drop
End Region Iron Hills
Map Ref [21.2N, 15.7W]
Quest Group Into the Ironfold
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Investigate the rumours about Skald's Drop and the Stair with Spall.


Investigate the rumours about Skald's Drop and the Stair with Spall.

Objective 1

Investigate the rumours about Skald's Drop and the Stair with Spall.

You should talk to Spall about the rumours regarding Skald's Drop.

Spall: 'Well now, we have arrived at Skald's Drop. Properly speaking, of course, the name refers to the cliff and, well, the drop. We had better get right up to it, enjoy the view, and see whether or not the Stair has been broken.'

Objective 2

You should view the Stair in the cliff's edge, at Skald's Drop in the Ironfold.

Spall: 'We had better get right up to the cliff's edge and see whether or not the Stair has been broken.'
Okuz: 'Can't you see I'm busy? Off with you.'
Found the Stair

Objective 3

  • Talk to Spall

You should talk to Spall, now that you have seen the Stair at Skald's Drop.

Spall: 'It may not look it to you, but the Stair is as intact now as it was when last I came this way, which ... Hmm ... I believe was in the early days of my youth!
'There is a fair stream of travellers coming from the Stair. What can we say of them? I do believe I espied the smoke of a camp-fire as we approached, earlier. Let us make our way back and find what there is to be found.'

Objective 4

  • Investigate the small camp

You should look for a camp-fire inland near Skald's Drop, and see if there are any of the rumoured travellers there.

Strange-looking dwarves stand around the camp-fire

Objective 5

  • Talk to the strange dwarves

You should talk to the strange dwarves you found at a camp-fire near to Skald's Drop in the Ironfold.

Okuz: 'What do you want?'
The dwarf eyes you suspiciously.
'I don't have to tell you anything. And besides, I have not time. As you can see, our possessions have been scattered - here, there, all about.'
The dwarf stands, waiting for you to move on. When you do not, he shakes his head.
'First, kizinek, help us, then talk. There -- the small bags, the big parcels, the water-skins.'

Objective 6

The possessions are scattered near to Skald's Drop in the Ironfold.

You should help the strange dwarves gather their scattered possessions, including small sacks, big parcels, and water-skins.

Okuz: 'Small bags, big parcels, water-skins - they are scattered all down there.'
Spall: 'I suppose we'd better help them. Perhaps they'll be inclined to speak with us if we do.'

Objective 7

You should bring the belongings you gathered to Okuz and Túmo at their camp, near Skald's Drop.

Okuz: 'The axe? Where is the axe? Ah, Túmo, you drak. You did not tell me that ran off too. And how many thousands of leagues have we lugged that piece of iron?
'Aha, kizinek, this is a very sour thing to have lost. If you can return to us our axe, you will be owed a debt, I assure you.
'It ran off that way, across the river to I know not where.'

Objective 8

You should search for Okuz and Túmo's axe, which, they say, 'ran off' away from their camp near Skald's Drop, toward the river.

Spall: 'Am I much mistaken, or did he say their axe ran off toward the river?'
Taking axe ...
Found an... ox?

Objective 9

  • Bring the axe to Okuz and Túmo

You should return the axe to the strange dwarves at their camp-site near Skald's Drop. You should also ask them why the axe was tied to an ox.

Okuz: 'Look Túmo! The kizinek has brought us back your axe. I told you it was a terrible idea to - '
The dwarf looks at you and falls silent.
'You wish to know who we are? We are dwarves, just like [Dwarf: you and your friend here. Only you are] [non-Dwarf: your friend here. Only he is] -- what is that word? Longbeard, I take it, while we are Zhélruka. Many thousands of leagues, as I have said to you, we have come from our home. Our home -- it is no home. It is Dôm Fálesh.'

Objective 10

  • Talk to Spall

You should hear what Spall has to say in response to Okuz's claims.

Spall: 'And what of that ox your axe was tied to? What of that, I should like to know? Did that belong to you? And how, now that I think of it, did your belongings become scattered in the first place?'

Objective 11

  • Talk to Okuz

Okuz and Túmo stand by their camp-fire, near Skald's Drop in the Ironfold.

Hear Okuz's answer to Spall's charge.

Okuz: 'Túmo. What is this word - ox? No? We do not know it. We have never seen such a beast. We are poor weary travellers. Many, many, many leagues we have gone on foot, and without our few possessions we would be done for.'
'Túmo and I, we thank you for helping recover them.'

Objective 12

  • Talk to Spall

You should talk to Spall and hear his thoughts on what you have found in the Ironfold.

Spall: 'Well, if you ask me, there is little doubt that these dwarves attempted to saddle that ox with all they owned and ease the load upon their own two backs. No doubt it belonged to some man or dwarf of the Ironfold, though after all the war this place has seen, who can say if its master yet lives.
'My ire was up when I began my thoughts, <name>, but on further reflection, the pathetic state of these dwarves and the innocence of the crime soften my heart.
'They call themselves Zhélruka, and indeed this is a name known in lore, belonging to another proud line of dwarves, a line that has had dealings with Durin's folk in past times. I wonder what these two fled, and if others of their kin also came this way.'