Quest:Into the Grimwood

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Creep-icon.png Into the Grimwood
Faction Creep
Level 120
Type Solo
Starting Loc Gramsfoot
Start Soldier Faltúrz [12.2S, 20.9W]
Ending Loc Gramsfoot
Ends Soldier Faltúrz [12.2S, 20.9W]
Money Reward 13 Silver 44 Copper 
Rank change Reputation decrease-icon.png Increased Infamy (20)
Commendations Commendation-icon.png 20 Commendations
Repeatable Daily

Bestowal dialogue

'Maggot! You need to learn your way about these lands, and I am tasked with seeing that you do.

'South and east, across the Hoardale River you will find a swath of land called Hithlad. A forest, ripe for harvesting, covers the land there. It is called the Grimwood. We found rat-folk working there and drove them out, only to have the enemy come to their defence.

'You must scout through the wood and find the camp so you know where the battles will be fought in that wood. Return to me, only when you discover this location!'


Uglash sent you to Hithlad, east of the southern stretch of the Hoardale River to find the Grimwood Lumber-yard.

Objective 1

The Grimwood Lumber-yard is found in the heart of Grimwood within Hithlad, south and east across the Hoardale River.

Soldier Faltúrz ordered you to learn the locations of the Grimwood Lumber-yard.

Objective 2

Soldier Faltúrz awaits your return at the Krahjarn-encampment at Gramsfoot.

You scouted the Grimwood and discovered the Grimwood Lumber-yard. Now you should return to Soldier Faltúrz.

Soldier Faltúrz: 'Favour earned! Not for you, of've simply been prepared for your future sacrifice for the glory of Angmar, Mordirith, and Lugbúrz!'


  • 13 Silver 44 Copper 
  • 20 Commendation 
  • Reputation decrease-icon.png Increased Infamy ( 20 )

Walkthrough & Notes