Quest:Instance: Thief-taker's Bane

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Instance: Thief-taker's Bane
Level 36
Type Solo
Starts with Leighton Kipps
Starts at Rantost
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [7.9S, 68.9W]
Quest Group Evendim
Quest Chain The Thief-takers
Quest Text

'A simple quest to recover ancient Dúnedain relics from the hands of the grave-robbers who stole them has gone terribly awry. The thieves will not allow the Rangers and their allies to take their treasures from them so easily....'


The Rangers have come to Rantost to cast out the tomb-robbers and reclaim the stolen relics.

Objective 1

Rangers have taken up position at three camps on the island of Rantost.

Defend the Rangers from attacks by tomb-robbers and their allies.

Eliot Bencroft: 'I do not yet wish to reveal myself to the tomb-robbers as being the spy! Do not think less of me for remaining here, in hiding! You should hasten to help the Rangers around the island. I believe they have set up camps around the three sites at which you found the stockpiled relics.
'Once stockpile is right here, one is in the centre of the ruins, and one is on the west side of the ruins. The tomb-robbers will likely assault the Rangers at all three sites!'
  • Defend Rangers at three locations
Eliot Bencroft says, "I'll just hide here until you've defeated the robbers."
Eliot Bencroft says, "You should help out the Rangers around the ruins here."
Ranger Defender says, "We need defenders here!"
The East Encampment is under assault!
The Centre encampment is under assault!
The West Encampment is under assault!
Scouting Tomb-robber says, "Ah!"
Cunning Tomb-robber says, "Argh!"
Successful Tomb-robber says, "Fool deserved to die."
Ranger Defender says, "Death claims another foe."
Successful Tomb-robber says, "Ah!"
Veteran Tomb-robber says, "I never liked him anyway."
Veteran Tomb-robber says, "Argh!"
Ranger Defender says, "Another foe has fallen."
Ranger Defender says, "Strike home!"
Ranger Defender says, "Lend your aid to my kinsmen at the centre of the encampment!"
Ranger Defender says, "Fight, Rangers!"
Ranger Defender says, "We fight for our heritage!"
Ranger Defender says, "Foes!"
Ranger Defender says, "We are attacked!"
Elusive Tomb-robber says, "Idiot."
Ranger Defender says, "Take that!"
Elusive Tomb-robber says, "Curse you!"
Ranger Defender says, "I have suffered several wounds."
Elusive Tomb-robber says, "Argh!"
Ranger Defender says, "Have we held the day here?"
Ranger Defender says, "How do my people at the western encampment fare?"
Ranger Defender says, "Our foes fall before us!"
Ranger Defender says, "Have we held the day here?"
The tomb-robbers have been defeated
Eliot Bencroft: 'Are you ready to meet back up at our camp? Speak to me when you are prepared to leave.'