Quest:Instance: The Siege of Barad Morlas

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Instance: The Siege of Barad Morlas
Level 57
Type Small Fellowship
Starts with Perimbant
Starts at Echad Dúnann
Start Region Eregion
Map Ref [50.5S, 7.9W]
Quest Group Special
Quest Text

The Siege of Barad Morlas
"The kindred of Elrond Halfelven have driven forth the half-orcs from Barad Morlas, but the ancient ruin is not yet safe. Dunlendings march even now upon the encampment, while the Elves tend to their wounds...."


The Elves have launched an attack to retake Barad Morlas from the Dunlendings who have invaded Eregion. While the initial attack was successful, a larger force of Dunlendings fell upon the Elves while they were caring for their wounded. Now trapped among the ruins and pinned under assaults from the Dunlendings' siege-engines, the Elves are in desperate need of aid.

Objective 1

While the Elves are skilled warriors capable of easily fending off the Dunlendings' assaults, the siege-engines in the field have them pinned down and are dwindling their numbers. You must take to the field, find the siege-engines, and defeat their crews, buying respite for the Elven defenders.

  • Defeat siege-weapon teams (0/4)
  • [FAIL IF] Elvish Defenders Slain (0/14)