Quest:Instance: The Riders Four

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Instance: The Riders Four
Level 76
Type Solo
Starts with Burnoth, son of Baldeg
Starts at Harwick Refugee Camp
Start Region The Wold
Map Ref [39.8S, 51.6W]
Quest Group The Wold
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"We were dispatched by Lord Éomer to harry the Orcs roving the plains of the Mark, but what we discovered in the Brown Lands was truly terrifying. Now we ride through the Eastemnet on our way to Edoras, warning the Reeves of the Easterling horde marching upon them...."


Burnoth invited you to speak with him and his companions to learn more about the Riders Four and their mission in the Eastemnet.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Burnoth, son of Baldeg
  • Talk to Hutha, son of Hengest
  • Talk to Léofdag, son of Winedag
  • Talk to Ulf the Reaver

Burnoth is near the campfire of the Riders Four in the refugee camp outside Harwick.

You should speak with Burnoth to learn his story.

Burnoth, son of Baldeg: 'Ah, <name>. My road has not been an easy one....'
Burnoth, son of Baldeg says, "My father, Baldeg, is a high-ranking retainer in the employ of Thane Spárlaf of Fenmarch...."
Burnoth, son of Baldeg says, "My dream was to become a great warrior, but my father would have none of it. Instead, he pushed me into more peaceful pursuits, such as harp-playing and storytelling...."
Burnoth, son of Baldeg says, "Nevertheless, I found ways of training in arms, and by my sixteenth summer, I had proven myself by hunting and slaying a small patrol of Orc-scouts."
Burnoth, son of Baldeg says, "Begrudgingly, my father allowed me to become Thane Spárlaf's squire, and three years ago, I found myself at Aldburg as a retainer of Lord Éomer."
Burnoth, son of Baldeg says, "When word came of troubles with Orcs out of the East Wall, Lord Éomer offered me a small command and a mission to harry the forces of the Enemy, while the Reeves could muster their strength."
Burnoth, son of Baldeg says, "We met Hutha at the northern borders of the Wold, and he brought word from his cousin Twiga at Etheburg that chilled our hearts and drive us south on this, our most urgent errand...."
Burnoth, son of Baldeg says, "You should speak with Hutha...he can speak in more detail of Twiga's tidings."
Hutha, son of Hengest: The young archer eyes you a little suspiciously.
'You wish to speak with me? Ah, Burnoth sent you. So be it....'
Hutha, son of Hengest says, "I must beg your pardon for my is not in my nature, truly."
Hutha, son of Hengest says, "My father, Hengest, was the chief knight of Thane Elda of Firien, though he has been dead these many years...slain by Orcs...."
Hutha, son of Hengest says, "My father and brothers are very large and strong -- traits which I clearly did not inherit -- and the other children teased me mercilessly. Thankfully, my dear brothers were also my defenders."
Hutha, son of Hengest says, "Alas for my father, for he would have given anything for me, like my brothers, to follow in the footsteps of Helm or Eorl, but I honoured a man of very distant relation more: Bard of Dale, who slew Smaug the Golden!"
Hutha, son of Hengest says, "When I was ten summers, I could feather quail in flight from a hundred twelve, I could do the same and splinter my first arrow with a second before the bird hit the ground."
Hutha, son of Hengest says, "My skill came to the attention of Lord Éomer, and I was summoned to Aldburg at the age of fifteen, where I have spent my last seven years in his service."
Hutha, son of Hengest says, "I left Aldburg with Burnoth, Léofdag, and Ulf, but was quickly dispatched to scout ahead. Besides the Orcs, I heard rumours of threats from beyond Rohan's borders...."
Hutha, son of Hengest says, "I went at once to Etheburg in the Brown Lands and spoke with my cousin Twiga...he told me of a great force of Easterlings coming down from the cliffs to invade Rohan."
Hutha, son of Hengest says, "I immediately sought out Burnoth in the Wold and delivered Twiga's message. We determined then to ride through the Eastemnet and warn the Reeves of the coming invasion."
Hutha, son of Hengest says, "Harwick is our first destination, and I fear we will meet with little success here...."
Léofdag, son of Winedag: Léofdag eyes you warily.
'Few care to know my tale, for it is one of shame. But if kown it you must....'
Léofdag, son of Winedag says, "My beginnings were father, Winedag, was a farmer in the fields of the Sutcrofts, and I was born to be the same. However, fate would have it otherwise...."
Léofdag, son of Winedag says, "My father answered Éomund of Aldburg's call to arms, and in glorious battle saved the Thane's life."
Léofdag, son of Winedag says, "As reward, Éomund granted my father's request for me to be squired to one of his retainers. And so, I trained beneath Gártorn, a fierce warrior and master of the spear."
Léofdag, son of Winedag says, "That is where my shame began. One dark day, I rode forth from Aldburg in the company of Éomund and a handful of his knights...."
Léofdag, son of Winedag says, "Éomund wished to pursue a band of Orcs that had come down out of the East Wall not far from my father's croft. That proved his undoing, and mine."
Léofdag, son of Winedag says, "Our numbers proved too small, and the Orcs overwhelmed us...I was the only man to survive among us, though I was wounded trying to save my Thane."
Léofdag, son of Winedag says, "In shame, I returned to Aldburg, bearing Éomund's body upon my own horse. Gártorn exiled me to the settlement of Stangard in Eorlsmead for two years, and even when I returned he would have nothing to do with me."
Léofdag, son of Winedag says, "I considered surrendering my spurs and returning to my father's croft, but I could not bear to face my younger brothers, and Éomer, Éomund's son still valued my spear and my friendship. And there were other reasons to stay that surpassed all others...."
Léofdag, son of Winedag says, "Burnoth, as well, saw past my shame, and he became my captain. To death would I follow him, if it would renew my honour."
Léofdag, son of Winedag says, "Now you know my not ask me of it again."
Ulf the Reaver: Ulf stares at you darkly, as though uncertain whether to speak or fight.
'My past is my own, stranger, but for Burnoth's sake, I will speak a little of it....
Ulf the Reaver says, "Know that I will only speak of Ulf the Reaver. The one who existed before him no longer exists."
Ulf the Reaver says, "For the first five years from the time of my "birth," I wandered Rohan, hiring out my axe to anyone who needed heads hewn...whether it be Orc or Dunlending."
Ulf the Reaver says, "One eve after slaying a party of Orcs out of the Misty Mountains, while I lay sleeping among their corpses at the foot of one of the Argonath, I was awakened by Lord Éomer."
Ulf the Reaver says, "He offered me a place among his retainers. Weary of wandering, I accepted and dwelt there for many years."
Ulf the Reaver says, "But I became restless once more...I had not spilled the blood of my foes in a long time. When Captain Burnoth offered me the opportunity to kill Orcs, I could not refuse...."
Ulf the Reaver says, "So here I am, with the promise that my axe will drink more deeply still before the end."

Objective 2

  • Talk to Burnoth

Burnoth is at the refugee camp outside Harwick.

You should return to Burnoth and let him know that you have spoken with his companions.

Burnoth, son of Baldeg: 'There is much more to tell, but not enough time for it. Perhaps at another time, we may speak more freely?'
You have spoken with Burnoth and his men
Burnoth, son of Baldeg says, "For honour and glory!"
Ulf the Reaver says, "For honour and glory!"
Léofdag, son of Winedag says, "For honour and glory!"
Hutha, son of Hengest says, "For honour and glory!"
Burnoth, son of Baldeg: 'Return to me later, and we will speak more.'