Quest:Instance: The Mithril Slaves

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Instance: The Mithril Slaves
Level 54
Type Solo only
Starts with Mundgeirr
Starts at Dolven-view
Start Region The Great Delving
Map Ref [8.5S, 112.3W]
Quest Group Moria
Quest Text

"Dwarves are not alone in their search for mithril. Orcs and goblins toil within the barren mines, seeking some small vein of Moria-silver to use against the Free Peoples, or at the least to keep it from them...."


You were told of a long played-out mithril-mine within which an ancient smelting-forge lies. Within it, you should be able to lay the basis for the quality you seek. However, a vicious band of Orcs has enslaved their own goblin brethren to eke out the remaining tailings from the mine, making it difficult to reach the forge.

Objective 1

You must find enough fragments of mithril ore to make proper use of the smelting-forge for the quality. Hopefully, the goblin-slaves have managed to collect enough of the ore for your needs...though they are unlikely to part with it willingly.

Goblin-slave Miner says, "Owch!"
Goblin-slave Miner says, "Nooo!"
Goblin-slave Miner says, "Eh? Maybe if I get you, they make YOU dig!"
Goblin-slave Miner says, "Stay away!"
Goblin-slave Miner says, "Bah! Tired of digging... Time for stabbing!"
Mine-guard says, "I don’t remember no-one saying nothing about a new <race>-slave? Better kill it..."
Mine-guard says, "Hey! There's an unauthorized <race> in the mine!"
Mine-guard says, "Help! I can't hold the <race> off!"
Brutal Overseer says, "You come to steal our mithril! Die!"
Brutal Overseer says, "Could use a hand over here, you lazy maggots!"
Brutal Overseer says, "Kill it quickly! I'm... ugh..."
Brutal Overseer says, "No! Mercy!"
Mine-overseer says, "What's this? What are you doing in my mine!?"
Mine-overseer says, "Curse you! Why are you here <race>? Moria is ours now!"
Mine-overseer says, "No! The mithril here is Mordor's by right!"
Mine-overseer says, "No! I must not fail..."

Objective 2

  • Use the ancient anvil

Use the ancient forge and the mitrhil ore-fragments you have collected to empower your infused garnet.

You have created an empowered garnet