Quest:Instance: The King Under the Mountain

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Instance: The King Under the Mountain
Level 110
Type Solo
Starts with Bósi
Starts at Hall Under the Mountain
Start Region Eryn Lasgalen
Map Ref [29.5N, 25.6W]
Quest Chain Allegiance: Durin's Folk
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"At last, Dómor has returned from Mordor with a valuable treasure! Finally some good tidings!"


You have come with Bósi for an audience with King Thorin III.

Objective 1

Hrostyr, the personal guard of King Thorin, will bring you to see him.

Hrostyr: 'You desire an audience with King Thorin? He will grant it, I am sure, but right now he is meeting with another. It should not be long. He hears a report from Dómor, one of the heroes that adventure in Mordor. He has returned with tidings for the king.'
Hrostyr says, "Come with me."

Objective 2

You are waiting for an audience with King Thorin.

Dómor says, "Sadly, I have still not found any sign of Mogi."
Dómor says, "The villain has quite disappeared."
King Thorin III says, "I want him found! He must pay for his treachery."
Dómor says, "I look forward to the day I can slay him for you!"
Dómor says, "But vengeance must wait, for I have found a valuable treasure."
Dómor says, "I wished to bring it to you, my king!"
King Thorin III says, "A gift of treasure? What is it? What did you find?"
Dómor says, "A well-crafted helm of great strength, in the finest tradition of our people!"
Dómor says, "Here it is!"
King Thorin III says, "Ah, what craftsmanship!"
Dómor says, "Wear it proudly, my king! No longer will you be called "Stonehelm"."
Dómor says, "Now you will be "Thorin Strong-brow"!"
Something is not right. You are overcome with an evil sensation!

Objective 3

  • Knock the helm from Dómor's hand before he can give it to the king!

Something is not right. You are overcome with an evil sensation, and it is coming from the helm Dómor wants to give to King Thorin!

Pushing Dómor ...
King Thorin III says, "What is the meaning of this, <name>?"

Objective 4

  • Remain on your guard and protect the king from danger

A sensation of great evil emanates from the fallen helm!

Dómor says, "No! It was so near!"
Dómor says, "Lachagar! Come forth!"
Bósi says, "What terror is this?"
Hrostyr says, "What is that?"
Lachagar says, "Dwarves make for poor servants, it seems."
King Thorin III says, "What vile creature have you brought to my halls, Dómor?"
Lachagar says, "I will take this place for my own."
Lachagar says, "Slay the king and I may forgive your failures!"
Bósi says, "Protect the King Under the Mountain!"
King Thorin III says, "I will deal with this creature! Do not allow Dómor to escape!"

Objective 5

  • Defeat Dómor

King Thorin has commanded you to keep Dómor from escaping.

Dómor says, "Die!"
Dómor says, "Aaagh!"

Objective 6

  • Remain on your guard for further danger

Evil has come to the Lonely Mountain, and the dwarves fight to defend their home.

Bósi says, "King Thorin!"
King Thorin III says, "Stay back! I will end this creature myself!"
Lachagar says, "Overconfident fool!"
Dwarf of Erebor says, "The king fights with such ferocity!"
Dwarf of Erebor says, "Behold his boldness!"
Dwarf of Erebor says, "Truly he is Dáin's son!"
King Thorin III says, "Begone, you beast!"
King Thorin III says, "It is over!"
King Thorin III says, "<name>, to me.
Instance: The King Under the Mountain
Thorin III: 'Thank you for your assistance, <name>. I will question Dómor before he is brought to the dungeons, but it seems clear what I will learn: he betrayed Eirek and Mogi to their deaths.
'Do not go just yet. I will have further need of you in this matter.'