Quest:Instance: The Infiltrators' Surprise

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Instance: The Infiltrators' Surprise
Level 14
Type Solo
Starts with Otis Woodman
Starts at Infiltrators' Headquarters
Start Region Bree
Map Ref [31.1S, 51.7W]
Quest Group Bree-land
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"An unsavoury band of the Big Folk have assembled and are planning a frightening surprise for Bree! I hope my new friend can stop them!"


You have made your way into the hideout of the infiltrators in Bree, and should see if you can stop the surprise they have planned.

Objective 1

Quick-wit Culver is inside the Infiltrators' Hideout.

You need to see if you can stop the infiltrators' surprise.

Quick-wit Culver: 'I haven't seen you around here before. Are you sure you're one of us? This has been a long time coming, and I don't want some outsider spoiling it.
'Folk won't soon forget what we do here today, not if my name's Quick-wit Culver. Which it is! You see this blade? I can slide clean through anything I set my mind to, that's how sharp both edges are: the blade and my mind!
'I've been cutting things all morning, and I'll cut more before the day is through! See if I don't!
'Go into the main room and see if Garrett is all set up. There isn't much time left.'
Quick-wit Culver says, "Folk hereabout won't soon forget this day, I'll see to that! Hur! Hur! Hur!"

Objective 2

Twisted Garrett is in the Infiltrators' Hideout.

You need to see if you can stop the infiltrators' surprise.

Twisted Garrett: 'I have not yet unpacked my ropes! They will hold, I am certain, but I need more time! There are a lot of things we still need to hoist!
'Oh, after all this planning, to be undone at the last for a lack of time! I saw how sharp Culver's knife has become! If I don't hurry he might use it on me next!'
Twisted Garrett says, "If I don't unpack me ropes, all will be for naught!"
Twisted Garrett says, "Uh oh! Here comes Culver! Is all for naught?"
Quick-wit Culver says, "We're out of time! He's here!"
Twisted Garrett says, "Oh no! All is for naught!"
Artie Root says, "What is going on, friends?"
Infiltrator says, "Surprise!"
Infiltrator says, "Surprise, Artie!"
Infiltrator says, "Happy Birthday!"

Objective 3

Artie Root is in the Infiltrators' Hideout.

Artie Root: 'Will you look at this? All of my friends have gathered to surprise me with a birthday celebration! I cannot believe it!
'Thank you, everyone, thank you!'
Artie Root says, "Thank you so much, my friends!"
Quick-wit Culver says, "I have been cutting thick slices of crusty bread all morning! Help yourself, Artie!"
Twisted Garrett says, "I was going to hang up some decorations with my ropes, but I ran out of time!"
Artie Root says, "Do not trouble yourself, Garrett! I need no decorations. I just need my friends about me!"

Objective 4

  • Talk to Quick-wit Culver
  • Wait for the delivery of the turtle soup

Quick-wit Culver is in the Infiltrators' Hideout.

Quick-wit Culver: 'I almost forgot the main course, Artie! what good are thick slices of crusty bread without anything to dip them into?
'We all chipped in some coins to purchase a large order of turtle soup from Sig Mandrake's well-known shop. He should be here with the soup any moment now!'
Quick-wit Culver says, "What is taking him so long with the soup?"
Sig Mandrake says, "I am so sorry, everyone! I couldn't do it!"

Objective 5

Sig Mandrake is in the Infiltrators' Hideout.

Sig Mandrake: 'I couldn't bring myself to do it, <name>! After seeing all of those little turtles, with their tiny shells and their little snapping beaks, I just could not bring myself to turn them into soup!'
'I brought them here, tied up in a sack given to be my Grobo's nephew. I left them over by the door. Perhaps we can return them to the wild, and my customers will forgive me for not making good on our deal.
'I will refund their coin, of course!'
  • Observe the festivities
Sig Mandrake says, "Hmmm... do you hear something?"
Infiltrator says, "Oh me!"
Infiltrator says, "Oh my!"
Infiltrator says, "Turtles everywhere!"

Objective 6

  • Talk to Artie Root

Artie Root is in the Infiltrators' Hideout.

Artie Root: 'Disappointed? Absolutely not! I don't care much for turtle soup, in the first place. And look at all those little fellows, running around like they own the place!
'Perhaps they should! I have a spacious home not far from here, and I understand that the mayor has been known to turn a blind eye to the keeping of numerous pets within homes in Bree. I could give these little snapping gentle-turtles a fine home!
'They will stay with me! It's settled! This is the finest birthday of all! I have been surprised by my old friends, and have acquired numerous new friends! <race> and turtle alike!'
Artie Root: 'I will show you to my home, <name>. You can help carry some of my new, beaked friends!'