Quest:Instance: The Empty Passage

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Instance: The Empty Passage
Level 54
Type Solo only
Starts with Bósi
Starts at The Chamber of the Crossroads
Start Region Durin's Way
Map Ref [5.1S, 112.1W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Book 2
Reflecting Pool Moria Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

The Empty Passage
"The Heart of Fire, the great forging room where Durin's Axe was birthed was lost in ages past, but the discovery of the Way of Smiths would bring fresh hope to those who seek to reclaim the glory of Khazad-dûm...."


You and Bósi have come to a neglected corridor in the Western Deeps, hoping to find an entrance to Nâr-khelab, the Heart of Fire.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Bósi

Bósi is in the passage where he believes the doorway to the Heart of Fire may be found.

Bósi: 'I hope this adventure will not be in vain. To find the legendary forges of Nâr-khelab would work wonders on the hopes and efforts of my people. The chance that the mithril axe Zigilburk might lie within...I cannot describe what a boon that would be.
'Let us proceed, my friend. We are nearing the wall that might very well be hiding the door we seek.'
  • Travel with Bósi to the location he has in mind
Bósi says, "Do you hear that? Vile Gredbyg!"
Bósi says, "Stay alert, <name>. There may be more of them."
Bósi says, "Well-fought, my friend!"
Bósi says, "I hope there is more to find here than just gredbyg!"
Bósi says, "This is the place, <name>. What do you think?"

Objective 2

  • Talk to Bósi

Bósi is in the passage where he believes the doorway to the Heart of Fire may be found.

Bósi is waiting to speak with you about searching for the doorway.

Bósi: 'If the Heart of Fire actually exists, I believe it must be behind this wall.
'What were the secret means of opening it that you recovered from Katûb-zahar, <name>? Ah, yes! The great blacksmith Ongli desired not to be disturbed, not even by Durin himself, unless by ceremonial gestures of acknowledgement worthy of his station.
'You should hail or congratulate or salute him, <name>. I hope that we have read the clues alright!'

Objective 3

  • Hail or Congratulate or Salute the memory of Ongli

Bósi believes that by hailing or congratulating the memory of the dwarf who built the Heart of Fire, you will gain access to it.

Bósi says, "Go ahead, <name>: hail, or congratulate, or salute the memory of Ongli!"
Perform the emote /hail, /congratulate, or /salute
Silver runes glow brightly on the wall of the tunnel!

Objective 4

  • Travel with Bósi into the Heart of Fire

Bósi's guess was correct, and you have found the location of the Heart of Fire.

Bósi says, "Will you look at that? We were right after all, <name>!"
Bósi says, "I will now say the opening words...."
Bósi says, "Bâb kanon zuhûk!"
Bósi says, "We have done it! We have found Nâr-khelab, the Heart of Fire!"
Bósi says, "How incredible that this place should lie forgotten for so long!"
Bósi says, "Behold: the mighty forges of Nâr-khelab!"
Bósi says, "Quickly, my friend: search the three forges for sign of Zigilburk, the mithril axe!"

Objective 5

  • Search the forges on the left
  • Search the forges on the right
  • Search the forges in the center

Bósi has asked you to investigate the Heart of Fire, looking for Zigilburk, the mithril axe.

Bósi: 'The three mighty forges of Nâr-khelab fill me with awe, <name>; I cannot yet bring myself to approach them. Allow me this moment to gaze humbly upon their majesty.
'If you would, please approach each of the three forges and look for the mithril axe Zigilburk. Dare I hope that it might still remain?'
There is no sign of Zigilburk by these forges.

Objective 6

  • Talk to Bósi

Bósi is in the Heart of Fire, looking out over the majestic hidden forges.

Bósi: 'You did not find Zigilburk, <name>? No, do not apologize -- I should not have let my hopes rise so. It has surely been many hundreds of years since the axe beheld the heat of these forges.
'Let us return to the Chamber of the Crossroads and tell my people that the Heart of Fire has been found!'
  • Protect Bósi
Mine Overseer Folok says, "Folok guessed that foolish outsiders would lead him to the secret room!"
Bósi says, "Goblins!"
Mine Overseer Folok says, "Attack!"
Folok's Servant says, "Yes, boss!"
Folok's Servant says, "Right away!"
Mine Overseer Folok says, "Must I do everything myself? Die!"
Bósi says, "Victory!"
Bósi says, "Thanks to you, the secret of the Heart of Fire will not be stolen by goblins."
Bósi says, "Are you ready to return and tell the dwarves of my company of our discovery?"
  • Talk to Bósi
Bósi: 'Thank you for your help with the goblins, and with the gredbyg before them!
'Let us now return to the Chamber of the Crossroads to tell of our victory, and that the Heart of Fire has been unsealed!'