Quest:Instance: The Defence of Faldham

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Instance: The Defence of Faldham
Level 80
Type Solo
Starts with Elfmar
Starts at Mead Hall of Faldham
Start Region Norcrofts
Quest Chain Faldham
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Thane Elfmar has rallied the Elfward for the coming assault against Faldham, hoping to repel the assembled White Hand force."


Thane Elfmar has gathered the Elfward and prepared for a strike against the village of Faldham. The Rohirrim intend to defend against the waves of Orcs and Uruks without the aid of Athelward or Théoden's riders.

Objective 1

Elfmar remains ready, just north of the road fork at the north edge of Faldham.

The defence against the White Hand forces has begun, and Thane Elfmar seems both confident and prepared.

Elfmar: 'The enemy forces have reached the threshold of Faldham. The Elfward have taken up positions around the perimeter to defend our borders, but they will need your assistance.
'I expect the first waves to come from the north. Ride with me aas we watch the northern bordres. Take courage, and fight well.'
  • Defend Faldham with the help of Thane Elfmar
Thane Elfmar says, "Foes spotted, just ahead!"
Thane Elfmar says, "More enemies on the plains ahead!"
Thane Elfmar says, "'Ready your weapon, another surge of invaders!"
Thane Elfmar defeated the White-hand Skirmisher.
Thane Elfmar says, "The bands of enemies hesitate. Let us speak for a moment."

Objective 2

  • Speak to Thane Elfmar

Elfmar remains ready, just north of the road fork at the north edge of Faldham.

Thane Elfmar wishes to speak with you about the defences of Faldham.

Elfmar: 'The initial surge of riders has been dealt with, and I will be able to hld the North-east edge on my own.
'Nothwulf was protecting the perimeter a short distance to the south, I would ask that you see to his success there.'
Elfmar has asked you to aid Nothwulf to the south

Objective 3

  • Ride with Nothwulf to defend the southern perimeter

Nothwulf can be found to the south, along the road.

Elfmar has asked you to aid Nothwulf defend the southern perimeter.

Nothwulf: 'I am pleased to have you along with me, <name>. Let us show these invaders the merit of the Elfward!'
  • Ride with Nothwulf to defend the southern perimeter
Nothwulf says, "The enemy riders rally ahead of us."
Nothwulf says, "Look foward! They are trying to break through our defences!"
Nothwulf says, "Brace yourself, they prepare to strike once more!"
Nothwulf says, "Hold and speak with me for a moment!"

Objective 4

  • Speak with Nothwulf about the defences

Nothwulf awaits at the southern edge of Faldham.

Nothwulf wishes to speak about the ongoing defence of the town.

Nothwulf: 'We still hold the southern edge intact, the enemy whall not penetrate from thsi side while I remain vigilant.
'The enemy will try to find another way around our defences. Osin will need your aid to the west, while I remain behind to watch the flank.'
Nothwulf has asked you to aid Osin defend to the west

Objective 5

  • Wait for Osin to approach

Osin has approached Nothwulf from the west

Nothwulf says, "May fortune favour you. I depart to protect the eastern farms."
  • Ride with Osin to defend the south-west edge of Faldham
Osin: 'To the west, I spotted several bands of Orcs headed towards Faldham. They seem to be pressing from every flank.
'I came at once. I require your aid if we are to dispose of the attacking foes.'
Osin says, "More of those foul invaders are in our path, <name>."
Osin says, "Stay alert, I hear more of them approaching."
Osin says, "Well done! Speak to Langfrith outside the mead hall, and see what aid he needs, <name>."

Objective 6

  • Speak to Langfrith guarding the mead hall gates

Langfrith defends the gate to the mead hall of Faldham.

Langfrith has been guarding the mead hall entrance, and Osin believes that he may need your assistance.

Langfrith: 'Exceptional work at the borders, <name>. Few Orcs have made it this far into the village.
'I noticed a few of the invaders shouting about their war-chieftain, commanding from just north of the mead hall. Defeat this Urbhár and this Botglim, and throw the attacking force into chaos.'
Langfrith believes the invading commanders can be found north of the mead hall

Objective 7

Urbhár and Botglim can be found north of the mead hall.

Langfrith believes that defeating the commanders of the invaders, Urbhár and Botglim, may disrupt the ongoing assault.

Urbhár has been defeated
Botglim has been defeated

Objective 8

  • Speak to Thane Elfmar at the mead hall gate

Elfmar and members of the Elfward await at the opening to the mead hall of Faldham.

Elfmar and the Elfward must be notified that you have defeated the commanders of the attacking army.

Elfmar: 'The invading forces are in utter disarray. The loss of their leaders has caused great chaos, resulting in many of their riders and infantry retreating back north, towards Elthengels.
'The Elfward continue to drive back those intent on pursuing the assault, but I believe we have saved the village and its people.'
The enemy forces have been routed
Elfmar: 'I will gather up the others when the last enemy has been driven back, and we can discuss matters when all is quiet again.'