Quest:Instance: Sons of Blackroot

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Instance: Sons of Blackroot
Level 100
Type Solo or Fellowship
Starts with Duilin
Starts at Bâr Húrin
Start Region South Ithilien
Map Ref [73.4S, 12.7W]
Quest Chain Vol. IV. Book 3
Reflecting Pool East Gondor Reflecting Pool
Reflecting Pool Old Anórien Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

Sons of Blackroot
"My brother and I have sworn a solemn vow to bring down the mighty Mûmakil that have come to Gondor!"


Duilin and Derufin have agreed to help you with your own mission if you will help them with theirs: hunting the mighty Mûmakil the Haradrim have brought to Gondor.

Objective 1

You have left Bâr Húrin with Duilin and Derufin to hunt one of the mighty Mûmakil.

Derufin: 'We should not all tramp through the wild together, <name>. The two of us would be silent enough, I expect, but my brother makes more noise in the brush than even the largest Mûmak!
'This sword of mine has proven the better of every creature upon which I set my mark, and today will not be different. If you choose to hunt with me, we will travel up the slope to the north for a better view, the better to surprise our prey.'
Duilin: 'My brother and I rarely hunt together, <name>. We find that we have much more success when tracking a foe if we travel alone. That way, if one of us frightens the beast, the other may be able to take advantage of the confusion of our prey.
'My chosen weapon is this longbow, and my accuracy with it is legendary among the folk of the Blackroot Vale. If you come with me, I suggest that we travel eastward by way of the road, and the long sight-lines will give us the advantage over any raiding parties we encounter while we search for a Mûmak.'

Objective 2

  • Choose to accompany one of the brothers and follow him in search of prey
If you are in a Fellowship, every character must choose the same brother to follow, or the instance will fail.

Duilin and Derufin are waiting for you to choose which of the brothers you whish to accompany on the hunt for a Mûmak.

(If you choose to follow Derufin)

Derufin: 'I am ready to take to the wild in search of Mûmakil! Waste no time, and we might find one of the great beasts before my brother. There will be glory enough for all, but it brings me no shame to confess I want to be the first!'
Duilin says, "If that is your choice, I will hunt alone."
Derufin says, "You will not regret this, <name>! We shall be the victors!"
Derufin says, "Listen! Something approaches!"
Derufin says, "Orcs rarely travel alone. There will be more nearby!"
Derufin says, "Look! More Orcs! Hold your peace, and we will listen to their conversation!"
Ranging Orc-warrior says, "You won't find me speaking against Gothmog."
Ranging Orc-warrior says, "I know the value of my own skin!"
Ranging Orc-warrior says, "Why do we take orders from an Man?"
Ranging Orc-warrior says, "He is no longer a Man, if ever he was."
Ranging Orc-warrior says, "He'd strike you dead as soon as look at you!"
Ranging Orc-warrior says, "Keep asking about Gothmog and we'd welcome it, you stupid worm!"
Derufin says, "I have heard enough of their foul speech, <name>. Attack!"

(If you choose to follow Duilin)

Duilin: 'I will be pleased to have you join me, <name>! Let us waste no more time! I want to be the first to find a Mûmak, and if we are to bring one down before my brother finds one we need to hurry!'
Derufin says, "Very well. May the best of us win!"
Duilin says, "Well-chosen, <name>! This way!"
Duilin says, "Derufin was wise to leave the road to the two of us. Haradrim approach!"
Duilin says, "These Haradrim may have been the advance guard for a Mûmak!"
Duilin says, "These Haradrim will rue the day they came to Gondor!"
Duilin says, "Let us move off the road and see if we can overhear their talk, <name>."
Haradrim Scout says, "How long must we fight alongside Orcs? I do not trust their kind."
Haradrim Scout says, "I heard they are led by wraiths, dead kings untaken by death."
Haradrim Scout says, "The rewards will be great. You must have patience!"
Haradrim Scout says, "How long must we wait?"
Haradrim Scout says, "These Nazgûl have the stink of death on them."
Haradrim Scout says, "And as for Gothmog..."
Duilin says, "Enough of this talking. Let us quiet their ramblings, <name>!"
Haradrim Scout says, "Foes!"

Objective 3

  • Meet up with the other hunter

You have made your way through the wilds of Ithilien in search of Mûmakil, and now the brothers Duilin and Derufin have once more crossed paths in their respective hunts.

(If you chose to follow Derufin)

Duilin says, "Derufin! <name>! You have not found a Mûmak yet?"
Duilin: 'I have slain a number of Haradrim warriors on the road through this land already, but I have not seen a single Mûmak at which to let fly my arrows.
'But there is a trembling in the earth. Do you feel that? Is it possible our prey approaches?'

(If you chose to follow Duilin)

Derufin says, "You have not found a Mûmak yet, Duilin? What about you, <name>?"
Derufin: 'I encountered a number of Orcs ranging through the forested hills of this land, but I caught no sign of any Mûmakil. How can any such large beasts evade us?
'And yet I feel the earth tremble. Can you feel that? Can it be?'

Objective 4

  • Survive the encounter, and ensure that Duilin and Derufin live to tell the tale

(If you chose to follow Derufin)

Duilin says, "Do you feel that? Something approaches!"
Duilin says, "Mûmak!"
Duilin says, "The time has come! I will draw my bow, and..."
Duilin says, "There's more than one!"
Duilin says, "Derufin! <name>! Run!"

(If you chose to follow Duilin)

Derufin says, "Something approaches!´Do you feel the earth shake?"
Derufin says, "Mûmak!"
Derufin says, "Swords at the ready!"
Derufin says, "There's more than one!"
Derufin says, "Duilin! <name>! Run!"