Quest:Instance: Sister of the Gilrain

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Instance: Sister of the Gilrain
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts at Lebennin
Ends with Roamingstar, Maiden of Gilrain
Ends at Lebennin
End Region Lebennin
Map Ref [77.3S, 42.6W]
Quest Group Dor-en-Ernil
Reflecting Pool Central Gondor Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

"The mysterious Roamingstar, Sister of the Gilrain, hopes to atone for her past mistakes by using her influence over the rivers of Gondor to banish the Ruthless Dead from her lands forever."


As thanks for your aid and to protect the lands of Gondor, Roamingstar seeks to prevent the Ruthless Dead from crossing into Lebennin.

Objective 1

Roamingstar is standing on a small shoal along the Gilrain.

You have agreed to aid Roamingstar in banishing the Ruthless Dead and should now speak to her.

Roamingstar, Maiden of Gilrain: 'I feel a chill at the water's edge, <name>...
'The Dead move to cross the river, and they must not be allowed to pass into Lebennin! You are known to them, but I am not... if you can drive them back from the river's edge and lure them to the mere, I shall ensure that they will only find peace far from these lands. Should they dare to cross the Gilrain then... even I do not know what will become of them, but they shall never reach the far banks.
'I can grant you safety in my waters, but if you stray from the Gilrain, I cannot protect you from the Dead!
'Go now, <class>!'
Roamingstar says, "We must move swiftly to stop them! Come, <name>!"
A watery image of Roamingstar dashes through the shallows of the Gilrain...

Objective 2

  • Follow the river south towards the mere

The river Gilrain flows south from Roamingstar's glade.

Roamingstar has asked you to follow the Gilrain south to the mere and prevent the Dead from crossing it.

Roamingstar says, "The Dead shall not trouble the Living!"

Objective 3

  • Defeat the Ruthless Dead trying to cross the Gilrain

The Ruthless Dead are attacking from the western banks of the Gilrain.

You have encountered the Ruthless Dead along the Gilrain and should prevent them from crossing.

Ruthless Berserker says, "Gondor shall succumb to fear!"
Ruthless Berserker says, "Death has found you, <name>!"

Objective 4

  • Follow the Gilrain further south

The river Gilrain flows south from Roamingstar's glade.

You have defeated the Ruthless Dead you encountered along the river's edge and should now continue south.

As the last of the Dead vanish, you continue your pursuit of Roamingstar
The Ruthless Dead appear once more, angered by your presence!

Objective 5

  • 'Defeat the Ruthless Dead before they can cross the Gilrain

The Ruthless Dead are attacking from the western banks of the Gilrain.

The Ruthless Dead have renewed their attack, and must be defeated before they can cross the Gilrain unhindered.

Ruthless Berserker says, "You cannot slay the Dead..."
Ruthless Warrior says, "You should not have stood in our way..."
Ruthless Warrior says, "There is no escape for you!"
Ruthless Berserker says, "Fear is all that shall remain..."
Granted a respite, you must now reach Roamingstar

Objective 6

  • Follow the Gilrain to the edge of the mere

The river Gilrain flows south to the mere from Roamingstar's glade.

You have defeated the Ruthless Dead once more and should now meet Roamingstar at the edge of the mere.

Objective 7

  • Confront Nerzus and the Ruthless Dead

Nerzus and the Ruthless Host can be found on the western banks of the mere.

You have encountered Nerzus and his grim host as they ready to cross into Lebennin.

Nerzus of the Ruthless Dead suddenly appears before you!
Nerzus says, "Wherever I turn, no matter how far I travel, you are always there, <name>.
Nerzus says, "Yet, this time, you are powerless.
Nerzus says, "The Ruthless Host will sweep across Lebennin like a tide of fear until we rejoin our Master.
Nerzus says, "Indeed, the waters of this river are strange and have kept you from your fears, but nothing so simple can rout the Dead!"
Roamingstar says, "The waters of the Gilrain are far more powerful than you know, oath-breaker!"
Nerzus says, "And who is this that dares to speak?"
Roamingstar says, "I need not dare. I am the Maiden of the Gilrain!"
Roamingstar says, "The waters of this river answer to none but me!"
Nerzus says, "Hah! What power does water have over the Dead?"
Roamingstar says, "O Gilrain, the ceaseless tears of the wandering star..."
Roamingstar says, "Swell and flood o'er the Men who bear Isildur's scar..."
Roamingstar says, "To the haunted mountaintop I banish you, foul shades..."
Roamingstar says, "Evermore bound within to the oath you twice betrayed!"
Nerzus says, "What... what is this? What have you done?"
Nerzus says, "Curse you, you foul Woman! Curse --"
Roamingstar says, "Begone from my lands, all of you!"
Roamingstar says, "Tell your cursed brethren of what awaits those who dare to cross my waters!"
Roamingstar says, "You are not welcome among the Living!"
Roamingstar's power has banished Nerzus and sent the Ruthless Dead fleeing back to their dark home

Objective 8

  • Talk to Roamingstar

Roamingstar can be found at the edge of the mere along the Gilrain in eastern Dor-en-Ernil.

You have defeated the Ruthless Dead and driven them far from Dor-en-Ernil. You should now speak to Roamingstar.

Roamingstar, Maiden of Gilrain: 'You have done well this day, <name>.
'The people of my lands have far less to fear now, and I speak not only of the defeat of the Dead.
'Your presence has changed the fate of the war here in Gondor, and I shall ever watch over your deeds in the East.
'Come now, let us return to my glade.'
Completed: Instance: Sister of the Gilrain
Roamingstar, Maiden of Gilrain: 'Let us leave the Dead to contemplate their doom, <name>.'