Quest:Instance: Othrongroth

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Instance: Othrongroth
Level 21
Type Solo
Starts with Tom Bombadil
Starts at Tom Bombadil's House
Start Region Old Forest
Map Ref [32.6S, 57.3W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 1
Reflecting Pool Bree-land Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

"An unholy alliance is forged within the depths of Othrongroth, the Great Barrow, a sinister pact which could spell doom for Eriador...."


Tom Bombadil has brought you to the barrow named Othrongroth. A servant of the Nazgûl, Andraste, said that the Lord of the Nazgûl would be found here.

Objective 1

The entrance to Othrongroth is nearby to the west.

Tom Bombadil led you safely to the entrance of Othrongroth, the Great Barrow, in the Barrow-downs. Your search for the Witch-king will lead you into the barrow.

Tom Bombadil says, "Come now, me hearties!"
Tom Bombadil says, "Between those stones is what you look for, the Great Barrow of the Downs."
Tom Bombadil says, "Careful now, or there your bones will lie, until the wights have you dancing!"
The Witch-king says, "Come, Skorgrím."

Objective 2

The Witch-king and the dwarf Skorgrím have entered Othrongroth. You should follow them into the barrow and search for them there.

Dourhand Traitor says, "I tell you I heard something!"
Dourhand Firebrand says, "Who goes there!"
Dourhand Firebrand says, "Come on boys, let's cleave 'em in twain!"
Dourhand Firebrand says, "They ain't getting past us!"
Dourhand Rebel says, "You ain't taking me down!"
Dourhand Captain says, "You heard Lord Skorgrím!"
Dourhand Captain says, "No one gets past us!"
Dourhand Captain says, "Kill them! For the Dourhands!"
Dourhand Captain says, "Hold the line! Hold the line!"
Dourhand Captain says, "Show no weakness!"
Dourhand Captain says, "All right! You've killed my men, but you won't kill me!"
Dourhand Captain says, "I...I can't be defeated!"
Dourhand Captain says, "Stay back!"
Dourhand Captain says, "Skorgrím promised...he said we couldn't be defeated...."
Dourhand Captain says, "What...what was that noise?"
Dourhand Captain says, "Augh!"
Deadly Barrow-wight says, "The dead suffer no intruders..."
The Witch-king says, "Come, Ivar awaits us."
The Witch-king says, "Ivar, we shall have need of your ward in the east."
The Witch-king says, "We must counter the loss of Amdir."
The Witch-king says, "Skorgrím, your dwarves should focus their efforts in the north and east."
The Witch-king says, "My champion has not yet finished her task."
The Witch-king says, "A great reward awaits you, if you both succeed."
The Witch-king says, "The Ring moves east, to Imladris, no doubt."
The Witch-king says, "Once your tasks are complete, Mordirith awaits you both in the north."
The Witch-king says, "Pay no heed to the twice fool, Saruman."
The Witch-king says, "Our plans in the south are reaching fruition."
The Witch-king says, "Fools! I shall suffer your presence no longer!"
The Witch-king says, "You have hounded my steps for too long!"
The Witch-king says, "And now the Dead shall take you."

Objective 3

  • Pursue the Witch-king

Your path through the Great Barrow led you to the Black Rider, who took notice of your presence and called the Dead to attack you. Defeat these creatures and continue on through Othrongroth!

Deadly Barrow-wight says, "As the great king commands...."
Deadly Barrow-wight says, "Only the Dead...shall pass...."
Deadly Barrow-wight says, "Kill them...."
Watcher-wight says, "Arise...arise, my brothers...."

Objective 4

Your pursuit of the Witch-king has led you to a room with a wight seated upon a great throne. The creature bid you welcome and said that if you sought an audience, you could approach.

Distant Voice says, "Thou may come forward...."
Sambrog says, "Greetings, fool."
Sambrog says, "If thou seek an audience, thou may approach."
Sambrog: 'Well met! My Master send the greetings. I grant thee the boon of an audience before I kill thee. Thou seemed desirous of certain knowledge, so I will give it thee. For the Dead speak not!' The wight cackles.
'My Master seeks a great a power for the Dark Lord, but the Dark Lord has more designs than this. The Pale Dwarf shall go to the north and gather an army in the name of Angmar and the Witch-king!
'The gaunt one, a great power himself an to whom I owe this form, goes to the east. There, in Agamaur, he shall awaken a Power that lies sleeping in the waters. With her under his command, the skies will turn to blood and all shall despair!
'Now thine audience comes to an end. Thy dead awaits thee.'

Sambrog says, "Arise, my warriors!"
Sambrog says, "Thou cannot defeat me!"
Distant Voice says, "Hey dol! Merry dol!"
Sambrog says, "What? It cannot be!"
Tom Bombadil says, "What be you a-thinking? Dead men should not be waking!"
Sambrog died.
Tom Bombadil says, "Vanish into sunlight, leave your barrows empty!"

Objective 5

Thanks to the arrival of Tom Bombadil, the Wight-lord has been defeated! Tom waits to speak with you.

Tom Bombadil: 'Was it worth the trouble? Did you learn your lesson? Leave the Dead to sleep their dreamless sleep and walk yourself upon the green grass under the sun!'
Tom Bombadil says, "Come now, my merry friends, warm fire is awaiting..."