Quest:Instance: Mordirith's Fall

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Instance: Mordirith's Fall
Level 50
Type Solo or Small Fellowship
Starts with Golodir
Starts at Gath Forthnír
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [10.9N, 23.9W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 8
Reflecting Pool Angmar Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Heartened by the gift of Dúnachar from Elrond of Rivendell, Golodir prepares to assail Carn Dûm and drive the sword into the unseen heart of Mordirith, the murderous Steward of Angmar. Courage may bring hope, but a thirst for vengeance could spell doom...."


You have travelled deep into Carn Dûm with Golodir, into the very fortress of the Witch-king himself. Here Golodir hopes to confront Mordirith and shatter the Iron Crown forever.

Objective 1

Aid Golodir as you make your way deeper into the Castle of the Witch-king.

Golodir: 'It seems my long imprisonment in Carn Dûm has served us well. We have come far into the Witch-king's keep unnoticed. It would be folly to think, though, that our fortune will hold. Already, Mordirith may be aware of our presence.
'Steel yourself for the battle ahead. I have few words of advice to offer you, other than to warn you that Mordirith is a master of trickery and illusion. He will try to break your resolve with his words. Do not let him! Keep to your hope and trust your companions.
'Shall we go now?'
  • Aid Golodir
Golodir says, "Steel yourselves, as Mordirith will try many things to break our resolve."
Mordirith says, "Greetings."
Mordirith says, "After spending so much time in my care, I am surprised you have returned so quickly, Golodir."
Mordirith says, "Have you spent so little time in mourning your daughter?"
Golodir says, "Villain! I would have died in her place!"
Golodir says, "And it would have been better for you if I had!"
Mordirith says, "I can see that you have learned nothing from all my patient instruction."
Mordirith says, "Perhaps simply viewing others through the palantír was not enough."
Mordirith says, "Come now, Golodir, let your lessons continue."
Golodir says, "Follow me, friends!"
Mordirith says, "You see, Golodir, over the long years of this age, many have tried to resist Angmar..."
Mordirith says, "All have failed."
Mordirith says, "Do you wish to join these countless failures in death?"
Golodir says, "Those fallen! They are but Mordirith's illusions! Do not let them break your resolve!"
Mordirith says, "Others sought glory..."
Mordirith says, "And yet others sought revenge."
Mordirith says, "However, no matter what drove them, what flame burned in their hearts..."
Mordirith says, "...that flame was extinguished."
Golodir says, "Pay no heed to his words!"
Mordirith says, "Even I, dear Golodir, learned the folly of opposing the Witch-king."
Mordirith says, "A lesson I learned from his very hand..."
Mordirith says, "As he "instructed" me, all was torn away..."
Mordirith says, "Thoughts of family..."
Mordirith says, "...of brothers in arms..."
Mordirith says, "...of friends and companions..."
Mordirith says, "Once my lessons were complete, the man I been ...was gone."
Mordirith says, "Even I, one of the Witch-king's greatest foes, had become but his servant, a steward upon his throne."
Mordirith says, "So, Golodir, if you still hold to your fool's hope, come forward..."
Golodir says, "We are nearly to Mordirith himself. Stand firm!"
Golodir says, "Steel yourself. We are entering the very heart of Angmar..."
Golodir says, "The Witch-king built this, his throne room, to celebrate his terrible might and power."
Golodir says, "And now Mordirith sits upon his throne as Steward of the Witch-king's realm."
Golodir says, "Where is he...?"
Golodir says, "Mordirith! Show yourself!"
Golodir says, "Enough of your illusions and "lessons!""
Lorniel says, "But father, there is one last lesson to be taught...."
Golodir says, "! No! You are not her! You are another illusion!"
Lorniel says, "Am I? Am I really, Father?"
Lorniel says, "Does it truly matter?"
Lorniel says, "Does it change all that has been lost in your futile attempts to shatter the Iron Crown?"
Lorniel says, "Mother was lost...friends uncounted slain...."
Lorniel says, "And for what?"
Lorniel says, "Only for you to see your beloved daughter lying dead before the gates of Carn Dûm."
Lorniel says, "Give up in this vain pursuit, Father...It is folly to hold to your hope..."
Lorniel says, "There is no shame in surrendering, when you have lost so very much...."
Golodir says, ""
Golodir says, "My friends, please help me...dispel this horrible illusion!"
Golodir says, "This cannot be her...."
Lorniel says, "Father...Father...."
Lorniel says, "The Shadow shall take you Father...."
Lorniel says, "Father... Why did you let me die?"
Lorniel says, "Enough!"
Mordirith says, "Well Golodir, it seems nothing will make you see the truth of my words."
Mordirith says, "And if my words cannot convince you of the folly of challenging Angmar..."
Mordirith says, "Falling in battle before me will!"
Mordirith says, "You see Golodir! I cannot be harmed!"
Golodir says, "You are wrong, Mordirith!"
Golodir says, "The Light of Dúnachar, Avenger of the West, shall strike you down!"
Golodir says, "Fall, False King!"
Mordirith says, "You shall not carry this day!"
Lorniel says, "Join me in death, father...."
Lorniel says, "Father...Father...."
Golodir says, "You shall be driven back into Shadow, False King!"
Mordirith says, "Golodir, do not forget what you have lost!"
Golodir says, "You shall be driven back into Shadow, False King!"
Mordirith says, "You cannot win this day!"
Golodir says, "No... No..."
Golodir says, "Stand firm!"
Golodir says, "You shall be driven back into Shadow, False King!"
Mordirith says, "This...this is not possible...."
Mordirith says, "Uuh...."
Golodir says, "Where now are your words, False King?"
Mordirith says, "False King? I am more justly a king than he who sits before my throne."
Mordirith says, "Let us be done, Golodir. In the end...your "victory" here matters not!"
Golodir says, "So be it!"
Golodir says, "With the Light of Dúnachar, I strike thee down, False King!"
Mordirith says, "No!"
Mordirith says, "I have...but one last...reserve of strength, Golodir...."
Mordirith says, "You have...done well...but the light of your blade was not enough...."
Mordirith says, "I leave you now...perhaps, Golodir, we...will meet again...."
Golodir says, "Base coward!"

Objective 2

  • Talk to Golodir

With the light of Dúnachar, Golodir has defeated Mordirith, although the villain escaped before he could be completely defeated. You should speak with Golodir to see what he would wish you to do.

Golodir: 'Mordirith the coward has escaped us...but did you notice that the blade of Dúnachar was still lodged within his breast? I wager the pain of that blade's light shall be a constant reminder of the evil he has committed.
'While my revenge is not yet complete, I would wager there will be others who will complete the task. For now, I can take solace in this fact...
'A moment, someone approaches!'
  • Aid Golodir
Golodir says, "Look! The gate to the east opens!"
Sara Oakheart says, "Oh, you have done well, young ones!"
Golodir says, "Old woman, who are you? What are you doing here?"
Sara Oakheart says, "Your questions will be answered in time!"
Sara Oakheart says, "But for now, know that you have done me a great favour!"
Sara Oakheart says, "A great favour indeed...."
Golodir says, "She...She has taken the palantír!"
Golodir says, "It is gone and with no way to follow her!"
Golodir says, "I fear that we shall hear from that old woman again, and sooner than we would wish it!"

Objective 3

  • Talk to Golodir

You should speak with Golodir at once.

Golodir: 'What an unsettling end to our battle. I fear that there is much more to that old woman than what we see upon the surface.
'However, we cannot deal with that matter now. We should leave here before we are overrun with Angmarim or their servants!
Golodir: 'We should tarry here no longer. Are you prepared to leave? I will show you the secret ways out of Carn Dûm and back to Gath Forthnír.'