Quest:Instance: Limlók Under Attack

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Instance: Limlók Under Attack
Level 130
Type Solo
Starts with Venko
Starts at Limlók
Start Region Wells of Langflood
Map Ref [20.5N, 55.4W]
Quest Chain The Legacy of Durin and the Trials of the Dwarves: Chapter 2
Reflecting Pool Wells of Langflood Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

Limlók Under Attack
"I do not like that this raiding-party has not shown itself... no, I do not like it at all!"


The raiding-party from Gundabad had designs upon the peaceful Beorning village of Limlók... but where has it gone?

Objective 1

Venko is ready to speak with the Beorning chieftain at the village of Limlók and learn if he has seen the missing raiding-party from Gundabad.

Venko: 'We will speak to the chieftain and learn what he knows of the raiding-party. For there to be no sign of it, given the dying words of Thrúgord, seems most peculiar to me.'

Objective 2

  • Meet with Runerik, the village chieftain of Limlók

Venko wishes to speak with the village chieftain of Limlók to learn what befell the raiding-party from Gundabad.

Venko says, "I see nothing out of the ordinary."
Glóin says, "Might the Orcs have turned aside?"
Imák says, "Seems unlikely to me."
Runerik Knotbeard says, "What brings you to Limlók, strangers?"
Runerik Knotbeard says, "We have enough dwarves here."
Venko says, "Have you seen a raiding-party of Orcs?"
Runerik Knotbeard says, "I have."
Glóin says, "What happened to it?"
Runerik Knotbeard says, "My people killed them to the last Orc, as we always do."
Venko says, "The raiding-party is defeated?"
Imák says, "Then our errand here is finished!"
Imák says, "We need not travel together any longer. Those are welcome tidings!"
Runerik Knotbeard says, "I am pleased to speed you on your way."
Glóin says, "Wait, Runerik."
Glóin says, "When did your people defeat this raiding-party?"
Runerik Knotbeard says, "Perhaps a week ago? Maybe a little longer."
Venko says, "That is not the one we seek now."
Yrsa Spearwife says, "We have contended with Orcs from Gundabad for many years."
Yrsa Spearwife says, "But they do not dispatch raiders this frequently."
Glóin says, "Something must have changed recently."
Runerik Knotbeard says, "Bah! It is no matter!"
Runerik Knotbeard says, "We will turn this one aside as we have turned aside all the others!"
Glóin says, "Let us at least survey your defences, Runerik."
Runerik Knotbeard says, "Do as you like. But I am not afraid of these Orcs, or any others."
Glóin says, "These Orcs seem more crafty than others I have seen."
Glóin says, "Perhaps I worry for nothing, and perhaps not."
Glóin says, "Let us check the fences, <name>."

Objective 3

  • Examine the south-eastern fence of Limlók
  • Examine the eastern fence of Limlók
  • Examine the north-eastern fence of Limlók
  • Examine the north-western fence of Limlók
  • Examine the south-western fence of Limlók

Runerik believes his town has nothing to fear from the missing raiding-party, but your companions want to check Limlók's exterior fences just to make sure.

The wooden palisade appears sturdy enough at this location
Limlók Resident says, "There have been many new folk in Limlók of late."
Limlók Resident says, "Aye. Too many."

The posts of the encircling wall are lower here
Limlók Resident says, "We repaired this part of the wall recently. Is there a problem?"
Limlók Resident says, "It is fine. You know those were the best timbers we could find."

The cliffs beyond the palisade here should serve as adequate defence
Limlók Resident says, "Hey, stand clear of the crops."
Limlók Resident says, "No one will attack us from this direction, friend."

You hear a waterfall beyond the wall here: a natural defence?
Limlók Resident says, "We are no strangers to fighting with Orcs. Do not worry about us!"
Limlók Resident says, "My sister speaks true! Orc-slaying is our favourite hobby!"

Shorter posts were used for the encircling wall behind the barn
Limlók Resident says, "The raiding-party of which your friends spoke must have gotten lost."
Limlók Resident says, "Or they decided not to risk the ire of Runerik Knotbeard and his people!"

Objective 4

  • Talk to Runerik Knotbeard outside his house in Limlók

Runerik Knotbeard stands outside his home in Limlók.

Runerik: 'I take it you have seen no sign of this raiding-party? How surprising.'
Runerik Knotbeard says, "What is that... what is that smell?"
Runerik Knotbeard says, "Smoke! Fire and smoke!"
Runerik Knotbeard says, "Fighting in the village square!"

Objective 5

  • Follow Runerik Knotbeard

Runerik does not believe his village is any more susceptible to danger than is usual for his people.

Glóin says, "<name>! It's the raiding-party! Go and protect Imák and Venko!"
Limlók is under attack!

Objective 6

  • Find Imák and protect him from the Orcs
  • Find Venko and protect him from the Orcs

The raiding-party has attacked the village of Limlók from multiple directions at the same time!

Imák: 'These Orcs are canny, <name>! They set fires along the outskirts of the village at the same time, in order to thin out the defenders.
'But they did not account for us!'
  • Fight alongside Imák in defence of the village
Imák says, "Hey! These Orcs carry different badges than the one you found at Framsburg!"
Imák says, "No thundercloud on this one, see? Instead there is a sword dripping blood!"
Imák says, "No time to puzzle it out now!"
Imák says, "Go help the Longbeard and the Zhélruka, <name>! I will find some water for these flames!"
  • Fight alongside Venko in defence of the village
Venko: 'This attack is better-planned than I expected from the Orcs! They set fires on opposite sides of the village at the same time, forcing us to split the defences!
'I hate to say it, but these Orcs may work better together than we do!'
Venko says, "<name>, go help Imák and Glóin! I will find some water to douse this flame!"

Objective 7

  • Return to Glóin in the village square and protect him from the Orcs
Glóin: 'Our companions are safe? That is good to hear, my friend! Let us finish off the Orcs here and the village will follow suit!'
  • Fight alongside Glóin in defence of the village
Glóin says, "These Orcs carry thundercloud badges like the one you found at Framsburg!"

Natsatúg of the Núlshatarg says, "DWARVES!"
Natsatúg of the Núlshatarg says, "Leave no dwarves alive!"

Glóin says, "Wait! Let him live! He may be of use to us!"
Runerik Knotbeard says, "I care not! This Orc must die for endangering my people!"
Yrsa Spearwife says, "He will, my husband. His wounds are grave, and he will not recover from them."

Objective 8

  • Listen to Gloin's words
Glóin says, "Learn what you can from him, <name>. He does not have long to live."

Objective 9

  • Talk to Natsatúg before he dies of his wounds

The raiding-party that threatened the safety of Limlók has been defeated, thanks to your efforts and those of your companions, as well as those of the people who dwell there. One Orc remains alive, but he will soon die of his wounds.

Natsatúg: 'Enjoy... the days you have left... for they are few!'
Natsatúg coughs weakly and blood spreads from his wounds, soaking his almour.
'The time of the dwarves... is nearly ended! The Lord of Gundabad... the Lord of Gundabad...'
Natsatúg closes his eyes, and with his last exhalation he breathes a name.
Natsatúg of the Núlshatarg says, "Gorgar... the..."
Natsatúg of the Núlshatarg says, "...Ruthless..."
Runerik: Farewell to the worms who raided my town, and to the vermin who led them. None shall mourn.
'I thank you for your aid and that of your companions, <name>. It was well-given.'