Quest:Instance: Liberating Woodhurst

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Instance: Liberating Woodhurst
Level 92
Type Solo
Starts with Calin
Starts at Herubrand's Hideout
Start Region Stonedeans
Map Ref [46.9S, 79.2W]
Ends with Calin
Ends at Woodhurst Mead Hall
End Region Stonedeans
Map Ref [47.1S, 80.3W]
Quest Group Woodhurst
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Sensing that Woodhurst suffers from a lack of leadership, powerful men seek to guide the city in a direction that favours them.


Gifemund has made his move, and demanded Guard Captain Thurferth step down due to his failing to keep the city safe. They now try to settle their differences in front of the empty throne they have both sought.

Objective 1

Speak to Calin before joining the confrontation.

It appears Gifemund and Thurferth are in an argument that could get violent near the empty throne.

Calin: 'I think we got here just in time. The argument between Gifemund and Thurferth is beginning to heat up, but I am not sure what can be done besides letting them work it out.'

Objective 2

  • Observe the discussion

There is a heated discussion between Gifemund and Thurferth in front of the empty throne in the mead hall.

Calin says, "Follow me. We can watch with a better view from over here."
Thurferth says, "I care not that Rohirrim are leaving Woodhurst; that is their decision."
Gifemund says, "That is the point. You are not considering them men of Woodhurst."
Gifemund says, "Anyone who deems Woodhurst their home, and is respectful of their neighbour is an important part of this city."
Thurferth says, "Is that also true of the Dunlendings exiled to lower Woodhurst?"
Thurferth says, "Or those banished to Dunland long ago?"
Thurferth says, "Have you not heard the rumours? Rohirrim have resorted to eating their Dunlending captives, sometimes alive I am told..."
Gifemund says, "Those are lies, and you are a fool if you think otherwise."
Gifemund says, "Both Rohirrim and Dunlending have lived in this city in relative peace, and we will again."
Gifemund says, "Woodhurst, and the Stonedeans as a whole, would be stronger if we unite our people under our own banner."
Gifemund says, "The war between the White Hand and Rohirrim does not have to include the Stonedeans."
Thurferth says, "You are naive. War will come here, whether we invite it or not."
Thurferth says, "Would you not profit from your plan, by selling your ore to both the White Hand and Rohirrim?"
Thurferth says, "You would be lying to me and everyone here if you tell me greed is not the inspiration for your plan."
Gifemund says, "Yes, of course I would profit. That benefits not just me, but the Stonedeans and its people would profit."
Gifemund says, "This is not about profits. This is about the safety of our people, and doing what is right."
Elda says, "The time has come for you to step down, Thurferth. Your failing our people is evident in how many are leaving."
Thurferth says, "Quiet your lap-dog, Gifemund. This matter is between us."
Gifemund says, "Are those men from lower Woodhurst not the ones attacking others within the city?"
Gifemund says, "Anyone who murders another within this city should face justice for their crimes."
Gifemund says, "Is it not your duty to deliver justice to everyone in Woodhurst, even those in lower Woodhurst?"
Thurferth says, "You speak in ideals. Not everything in this life can be ideal."
Thurferth says, "If the city guard received ideal funding, there would be more I could do to protect the people of this city."
Thurferth says, "Your lackey should know about my funding problem. And I see two of my former men are with you, now."
Gifemund says, "That is right, most of the people have decided who they will follow."
Calin says, "That is yet to be seen. The throne here belongs to Herubrand."
Thurferth says, "And where is he to claim it? He has forsaken the troubles of Woodhurst to see to those in Brockbridge..."
Calin says, "The White Hand threat in Brockbridge is a threat to all of us."
Thurferth says, "Why are you so quick to call the White Hand our enemy?"
Calin says, "Because they are. This city is a part of Rohan, whether you like it or not."
Calin says, "And Saruman views the Stonedeans as part of his enemy, so we should view him the same."
Thurferth says, "It is quite clear who is winning this war, is it not? Rohan will fall, and then what?"
Thurferth says, "We should side with Saruman now before it is too late."
Calin says, "You are a fool. It appears Gifemund and Elda were right, and you are no longer fit to be captain of the guard here in Woodhurst."
Calin says, "Thurferth, you and your men are banished from this city. Pack up your belongings and be gone by dawn."
Thurferth says, "I am out-numbered, and cannot convince you to see reason."
Thurferth says, "I will leave without trouble, but know this:"
Thurferth says, "You are fools. Your pride and greed will usher your doom."
Thurferth says, "I will return to sift through the ashes and rebuild this great city for the Dunlendings, who deserve to live here."

Objective 3

  • Observe Calin and Gifemund's discussion

Now that Thurferth has left, Gifemund and Calin have engaged in a quieter discussion.

Gifemund says, "Your support is appreciated, Calin. Thurferth has done more harm than good of late."
Calin says, "Herubrand will hear of what happened here today. He will also want to hear what you have proposed."
Gifemund says, "I wish to speak with him when I can. Is he returning soon?"
Calin says, "You and I have a lot to discuss..."

Objective 4

  • Speak with Calin

Speak to Calin near the throne at the back of the mead hall.

Calin: 'I believe the time has come to include Gifemund in our secrets, and share our plans with him. He can prove to be a powerful ally. I will bring him to Herubrand shortly.'
Calin: 'Herubrand needs to hear of what occurred here today. Thurferth's suggestion to side with Saruman is disturbing, and I wonder how many feel that way. Gifemund and I will meet with Herubrand immediately.
'Make your way there when you are ready.'