Quest:Instance: Legacy of Strife

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Instance: Legacy of Strife
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Nimithil
Starts at Ost Anglebed
Start Region Lebennin
Map Ref [79.4S, 39.4W]
Ends with Nimithil
Ends at Ost Anglebed
End Region Lebennin
Map Ref [79.4S, 39.4W]
Quest Group Lebennin
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

"As the Heirs of Castamir expand their influence in Lebennin, the people of Ost Anglebed find their loyalties called in question as the old wounds of the Kin-strife are rent anew."


Concerned by the growing influence of the Heirs of Castamir in Lebennin, Nimithil hopes to warn Steward Malthellim of treachery within Ost Anglebed and prevent her people from splintering.

Objective 1

  • Search for Nimithil among the crowd

Nimithil can be found somewhere in the Hall of Ost Anglebed.

You have travelled to the hall with Nimithil, but became separated amid a large crowd of belligerent people. You should reunite with Nimithil.

Man of Gondor says, "You are a fool to be swayed by their promises... the Corsairs and Haradrim will bring nothing but ruin to us."
Man of Gondor says, "Castamir's legacy will no longer be tarnished and his sons shall bring glory to Lebennin!"
Man of Gondor says, "You are mad! What King would lay waste to his own lands?"
  • Listen to Nimithil
Nimithil says, "Ah, there you are, <name>... I could barely hear you coming over this raucous lot."
Nimithil says, "The Steward seems to have gone from the hall, but it is no matter. Our business is urgent and I am content to wait for as long as it takes him to return."

Objective 2

  • Talk to Nimithil

Nimithil is standing in the rear of the Hall of Ost Anglebed.

You have found Nimithil, but the Steward has not yet returned to the Hall. You should ask Nimithil what is to be done.

Nimithil: 'I have never seen my people like this... it is tremendously worrying, and I feel I must say something before the hour is too late.
'Will you follow me along with my guards, <name>? I do not know what will come of my words.'

Objective 3

  • Follow Nimithil into the crowd

Nimithil is standing in the rear of the Hall of Ost Anglebed.

Nimithil is concerned that the arguing in the hall will soon turn to violence and asks for your support in calming the crowd.

Nimithil says, "All of you, be silent!"
Nimithil says, "There is no sense to all this arguing. We must not divide ourselves!"
Nimithil says, "Listen to reason, I beg you! Listen -"
The doors to the hall are thrust open and rattle loudly against the walls

Objective 4

  • Observe the meeting between Nimithil and Malthellim

Nimithil and Malthellim are speaking near the fire-pit in the centre of the Hall of Ost Anglebed.

Nimithil is sharing what you have learned in Lornost and Ost Anglebed with Malthellim. You should listen as they speak.

Steward Malthellim says, "What is all this rabble?"
Nimithil says, "The people grow restless, Steward, for rumours swirl about these Heirs of Castamir."
Nimithil says, "<name> and I have also found concerning evidence both within Lornost and Ost Anglebed."
Steward Malthellim says, "I see..."
Nimithil says, "I would ask that the three of us speak in private at once."
Steward Malthellim says, "I believe we should speak of such things here, Nimithil. After all, the people deserve to know what is happening outside these walls."
Nimithil says, "I do not believe that the most prudent idea, but... let us first speak of Lornost."
Nimithil says, "Sadly, the people of Lornost were slaughtered by the Haradrim for denying their lands and loyalty to the Heirs of Castamir."
Nimithil says, "Meanwhile, we discovered that someone in Ost Anglebed has been working to weaken its defences."
Nimithil says, "With such things happening so swiftly, I fear that soon the gaze of the Heirs will fall upon us here."
Nimithil says, "Have you anything to say, Malthellim? The people are worried, and some of them foolishly believe that somehow these violent men will bring peace to our lands."
Steward Malthellim says, "Your observations are wise, Nimithil, but I fear that you have misunderstood the intent of the people of Ost Anglebed."
Steward Malthellim says, "You see, many of my people here have dwelt in Lebennin for generations, and their families and forebears knew well of the so-called Usurper."
Steward Malthellim says, "Those that still dissent have either forgotten the wisdom of their elders, or have come to us in flight from their homes."
Steward Malthellim says, "You see, I have already surrendered Ost Anglebed. There shall not be another civil war between our people, and I will not allow our lands to descend into another Kin-strife."
Nimithil says, "You... you have gone mad, Malthellim! These men are slavers and murderers! Would you have them walk the streets with your people and their children?"
Steward Malthellim says, "I swear to you, Nimithil, I am not mad. I have done this to keep as many of my people from harm as I can."
Steward Malthellim says, "I thought long on this matter, and my men have taken action to make our defences less aggressive in the hope that it will deter needless bloodshed."
Steward Malthellim says, "I have their promise that none shall be harmed so long as they swear loyalty to Balakhôr, the eldest of Castamir's heirs."
Steward Malthellim says, "Send them in, men!"
Steward Malthellim says, "There, do you see? Look not upon these men as the enemy, but as our long-lost brothers."
Steward Malthellim says, "They, too, wish to see the rightful heir on the throne of Gondor and Castamir was as much of a man of Gondor as I."
Steward Malthellim says, "My people, I ask you to think on your past and of the futures of your families. Swear loyalty to the sons of Castamir, and we shall see Gondor return to the height of its glory!"
Man of Gondor says, "I will do no such thing!"
Woman of Gondor says, "May he honour his father's name!"
Man of Gondor says, "My loyalty is to Gondor - not some pretender!"
Nimithil says, "And what of those who do not? What is to become of them... or <name> and I?"
Steward Malthellim says, "If your choices are made, I am sorry, but I cannot protect you any longer."
Steward Malthellim says, "You three... do what you must."
Yamanim says, "Do not fear, Steward... they shall not suffer."
Nimithil says, "<name>, defend the people!"

Objective 5

  • Defeat Yamanim, Hosdam and Khutâ

Yamanim, Hosdam, and Khutâ are moving against the dissenters within the Hall of Ost Anglebed.

Malthellim has aligned himself with the Heirs of Castamir and has now allowed the Corsair and Haradrim men in Ost Anglebed to execute dissenting folk.

Malthellim looks appalled and swiftly draws his weapon!

Objective 6

  • Subdue Steward Malthellim

Steward Malthellim can be found in the Hall of Ost Anglebed.

Malthellim has drawn his weapon in desperation, and must now be subdued if the people of Ost Anglebed are to remain safe.

Steward Malthellim says, "No! You do not understand..."
Steward Malthellim says, "You have doomed us all! The Scourge will slay us to the last..."
Nimithil says, "Ost Anglebed shall not be taken, not while <name> is among us!"

Objective 7

  • Talk to Nimithil

Nimithil can be found in the rear of the Hall of Ost Anglebed.

You have subdued Steward Malthellim with the aid of Nimithil's guards, and should now speak to Nimithil.

Nimithil: 'I cannot believe that the Steward felt this the best way to keep his people safe from the Enemy!
'It is true that many of the people in Lebennin come from families that once supported Castamir, but his legacy was a tainted one, and he fell from favour with all but his most devoted. It is no folly that he came to be known only as the Usurper!
'Malthellim must be locked away, lest he allow more of the Enemy inside these walls.'
Completed: Instance: Legacy of Strife
Nimithil: 'Let us leave the hall while my guards escort Malthellim and his men away. I cannot stand to look upon him any longer.'