Quest:Instance: Honour and Treachery

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A Field of Death
Level 105
Type Solo
Starts with Fastred
Starts at Kings' End
Start Region Kings' End
Map Ref [22.2N, 13.6W]
Quest Group The Battle of Pelennor
Reflecting Pool Far Anórien Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Your journey to avenge Léofdag has led you to the Pelennor Fields, while Fastred, Reeve of the Sutcrofts, seeks the foe that once sought to deliver ruin upon his lands and family. With your paths now aligned, you must strike as one against the treachery of the Enemy."


The paths of the Riders Three and Reeve Fastred align as they move against Crúmgam and his traitorous agent.

Objective 1

Burnoth is standing on the field near Kings' End.

You have arrived at the last location where Fastred sighted Crúmgam, and should now talk to Burnoth.

Burnoth: 'Crúmgam is nowhere to be found, my friend, but fear not! It is difficult to move unnoticed through such a battle and he cannot have gone far.
'Fastred spoke of the sorcerer's mastery of flame - we must proceed carefully or he shall too soon sense our approach and send whichever magics he commands against us.
'Let us go now before these fiends slip away!'

Objective 2

  • Defeat the ambushing foes

The ambushing foes can be found just ahead.

You have begun your search for Crúmgam, but foes now harry your advance. You must defeat them!

Burnoth, son of Baldeg says, "We must be close, <name>."
Burnoth, son of Baldeg says, "I have decided Fastred should lead our company through the field."
Burnoth, son of Baldeg says, "Come, let us make haste!"
Burnoth, son of Baldeg says, "Southrons from the left! To arms!"
Hutha, son of Hengest says, "A fate deserved!"
Reeve Fastred says, "That cannot be all of them..."
Reeve Fastred says, "Face me, cowards!"
Ulf the Reaver says, "Die, Orc!"
Reeve Fastred says, "Your head is mine, Orc!"

Objective 3

  • Search the charred fields for signs of Crúmgam

Fastred and the Riders Three are searching the fields outside Kings' End.

You have survived an ambush and should now resume your search for Crúmgam.

Reeve Fastred says, "Hold."
Reeve Fastred says, "There is something strange about these flames..."
Reeve Fastred says, "Crúmgam's sorcery! The fiend is here!"

Objective 4

  • Defeat the seeking flames

Crúmgam's flames are upon one of the charred fields outside Kings' End.

Vile flames have sprung to life and must now be quenched.

Hutha, son of Hengest says, "My arrows strike these flames as if they were flesh!"
Reeve Fastred says, "We must move now before he can hinder us further!"

Objective 5

  • Follow Fastred as he seeks Crúmgam

Fastred is running through the charred fields outside Kings' End.

You have witnessed Crúmgam's sorcery and should now search the nearby area for Crúmgam.

Burnoth, son of Baldeg says, "Fastred! You must wait for us - rush not into the Enemy's grip!"
Ulf the Reaver says, "What devilry is this? How can a man wield such power?"
Reeve Fastred says, "Crúmgam!"

Objective 6

  • Confront Crúmgam

Crúmgam is standing before the pyre outside Kings' End.

You have found Crúmgam and beside him stands a man bearing the armour of the King's knights - a traitor deep within the heart of Rohan.

Crúmgam says, "Ah... Fastred."
Reeve Fastred says, "Your time is at an end!"
Reeve Fastred says, "The ills you dealt against me and my people shall be repaid, worm of Mordor."
Crúmgam says, "It is not thee who hast sought me, young firebrand."
Crúmgam says, "How fares thy son? I wonder... will he be as reckless as his father?"
Reeve Fastred says, "Your threats do not move me - I shall have my vengeance!"
Crúmgam says, "Come then, Fastred... Strike!"
Crúmgam says, "Wield thee a blade against sorcery?"
Reeve Fastred says, "A blade is enough to slay you!"
Crúmgam says, "Thou hast failed, Fastred of Rohan."
Reeve Fastred says, "What is this pain that seizes my heart?"
Crúmgam says, "Thy fate was written and so it is done."
Reeve Fastred says, "Elflád... Folcred... forgive me..."
Crúmgam says, "Kill them."
Burnoth, son of Baldeg says, "Fastred! No!"

Objective 7

Brodwulf is standing near the pyre outside Kings' End.

Crúmgam has fled, leaving the traitor to his fate. You should defeat Brodwulf and avenge Léofdag.

Burnoth, son of Baldeg says, "Traitor! You shame the Men of the King!"
Burnoth, son of Baldeg says, "Justice shall be done upon you!"
Brodwulf says, "I need not explain myself."
Brodwulf says, "I owe you nothing!"
Brodwulf says, "I should have slain you all at the Hornburg!"
Defeated Brodwulf

Objective 8

  • Talk to Burnoth

Burnoth is standing near the pyre outside Kings' End.

You have defeated the traitor, Brodwulf, and should now speak to Burnoth.

Burnoth: 'The traitor is slain, but Crúmgam has escaped with his vile sorcery.
'In his wake, he has left the Reeve slain and Ulf wounded. We must retreat to safer ground, and heal what we may. The body of the Reeve must be borne to the gates of the city - I shall not leave him here among the dead!
Burnoth: 'No victory comes easy this day, my friend.'