Quest:Instance: Heeding the Call

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Instance: Heeding the Call
Level 120
Type Solo
Starts with Radagast
Starts at Blómgard
Start Region Vales of Anduin
Map Ref [2.1S, 55.2W]
Ends with Radagast
Ends at Radagast's Cottage
End Region Vales of Anduin
Map Ref [0.8N, 52.6W]
Quest Group Vales of Anduin: Laerlad
Quest Chain Scuttling Through the Narrows
Reflecting Pool Vales of Anduin Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

Heeding the Call
"We can not allow Rhosgobel to fall into the claws of the Ungoledain!"


Radagast is concerned that the Ungoledain may have come to Laerlad because they are searching for Rhosgobel.

Objective 1

Defeat Ungoledain at Rhosgobel.

Radagast says, "The Ungoledain have taken Rhosgobel!"
Radagast says, "I can not raise a sword against them but you can."
Radagast says, "Quickly now, go and reclaim Rhosgobel while I search for some assistance!"
Ungoledain guard the path ahead
More Ungoledain patrol both sides of the old Elf bridge
Ungoledain have taken hold of Radagast's cottage!
Radagast wishes to speak with you outside his cottage
Radagast says, "Over here, my friend!"

Objective 2

Talk to Radagast outside his cottage.

Radagast: 'Good work, <name>. We have secured Rhosgobel, for now.
'I fear our time to rest will be cut short, my friend. More of the Ungoledain approach as we speak! Prepare yourself, <race>. I will do what I can to assist you.'

Objective 3

  • Defend Rhosgobel from the Ungoledain

Defend Rhosgobel from the Ungoledain.

More Ungoledain are approaching!
Radagast says, "This way!"
Radagast says, "They approach!"

Objective 4

Defeat Mengris Tásakh.

Radagast says, "Keep her busy and all shall become clear!"
Mengris Tásakh says, "Why do you impede our only desire?!"
Mengris Tásakh says, "You will die for your actions."
Mengris Tásakh says, "This place is sacred, says Mam Murgwid!"
Mengris Tásakh says, "We have heeded the call! Yet it still pulls?!"

Objective 5

  • Let events transpire

Let events transpire.

Mengris Tásakh says, "Something is not right! Mam Murgwid speak to me!"
Mengris Tásakh says, "What have you done?!"
Radagast says, "What has been given, has been taken away!"
Mengris Tásakh says, "No! What have you done to me?!"
Radagast says, "What I should have done long ago. I have taken away the gift you stole."
Radagast says, "No longer may you change your skin."
Mengris Tásakh says, "Ugh, it was all so clear! Now, there is nothing."
Mengris Tásakh says, "I can no longer hear the call of Mam Murgwid."
Mengris Tásakh says, "Listen my brood, we must retreat!"
Mengris Tásakh says, "I saw the truth, it is not this place!"
Mengris Tásakh says, "Mam Murgwid asks us to travel further south."
Mengris Tásakh says, "She waits at a mountain of shadow! We must leave!"
Mengris Tásakh says, "What are you doing?! Are you listening to me?!"
Mengris Tásakh says, "No, no! Argh!"
Radagast says, "You shall stay here no longer. Leave my home."
Radagast says, "Thank you, my forest friends, for your assistance."
Radagast says, "No, no, these are not Beornings <name>, these are bears."
The Ungoledain retreat


Radagast: 'It is done. The Ungoledain will no longer linger here.'