Quest:Instance: Gothmog Appears

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Instance: Gothmog Appears
Level 100
Type Solo
Starts with Derufin
Starts at Osgiliath Culverts
Start Region Osgiliath
Map Ref [62.7S, 8.8W]
Quest Chain Vol. IV. Book 3
Reflecting Pool East Gondor Reflecting Pool
Reflecting Pool Old Anórien Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

Gothmog Appears
"Our enemies have brought a great ram to the city. We must damage or destroy it!"


Duilin and Derufin have agreed to help you with your own mission if you will help them with theirs: hunting the mighty Mûmakil the Haradrim have brought to Gondor.

Objective 1

You have made your way with Derufin into enemy-occupied Osgiliath in search of the mighty ram Grond.

Derufin: 'Before we left the culverts, I asked Damrod how we will know this ram called Grond, and he responded with laughter. When I pressed him on the matter, he said we would simply know, so it must be obvious, <name>.
'Let us make our way through the city and see if he speaks the truth!'

Objective 2

  • Make your way through Osgiliath with Derufin

You have made your way with Derufin into enemy-occupied Osgiliath in search of the mighty ram Grond.

Derufin says, "Let us fight through the city in search of the weapon Grond."
Derufin says, "We must also remain alert for my brother Duilin, for he too hunts within the city."
Derufin says, "Come, <name>, it is time for courageous deeds!"
Derufin says, "Orcs ahead! Let none escape us!"
Derufin says, "Where are all the Orcs? There should be more foes here than this..."

Derufin says, "Where are all the Orcs?"
A feeling of dread falls upon you, and hazy images swim before your eyes
Derufin says, "There are so many camps, and the smell of roasting meat is still on the air."
Derufin says, "Where did the Orcs go, and for what purpose?"
Derufin says, "Perhaps they have been roused by their masters for some offensive?"
Derufin says, "<name>, what is wrong? You look quite unwell!"

Objective 3

  • Talk to Derufin and ask him about the dreadful, ghostly images

Derufin is within the city of Osgiliath, helping you search for Grond, the mighty weapon of the enemy.

You experienced an overpowering feeling of dread within the city of Osgiliath, and felt he presence of ghostly images, but Derufin does not seem to have noticed any of the strange occurrences.

Derufin: 'What is wrong, <name>?'
You ask Derufin what he makes of the ghostly images and the feeling of dread that accompanied them, and he looks at you with confusion.
'I do not know of what you speak, friend. I see nothing but an absence of Orcs and the crumbling ruin of once-proud Osgiliath. You say that you saw more than that? Do you see it still?'

Objective 4

  • Continue searching for Grond with Derufin

You have made your way with Derufin into enemy-occupied Osgiliath in search of the mighty ram Grond.

Derufin says, "What is going on here?"
Derufin says, "Should we continue our search?"
Derufin says, "Yes, we must. Grond awaits!"
Derufin says, "There is an Orc-patrol! Cast aside your feelings of unease and dispatch these foes!"
Derufin says, "<name>, are you well?

Objective 5

  • Talk to Derufin within Osgiliath

Derufin is within Osgiliath, and has expressed concern over the increasingly potent visions you have experienced within the city.

Derufin: 'I can tell by your face that something has you in its grip, <name>, and it is frustrating to see you experience this devilry and be unable to help in any way! All I can say to you is to master your eyes, and distrust even convincing visions of horror, for they surely seek to lead you astray!
'Duilin and I grew up in the Blackroot Vale, and we are no strangers to feelings of dread. But why do you feel this presence so keenly and I feel nothing?
'The sooner we find Grond and destroy it, the sooner we will leave this place. If you are well enough to continue, you should search to the north and I will search to the east. Stand strong against whatever evil you find, my friend, and know that you are its better!'

Objective 6

  • Travel north through Osgiliath in search of Grond

Derufin has asked you to travel north through Osgiliath while he searches to the east for his brother Duilin and for Grond.

Derufin says, "Search to the north and I will search to the east. Fear no phantoms!"
Your eyes must be playing tricks on you
You have found the broken body of the Ranger Golodir

Objective 7

Can it be? How did Golodir come to Osgiliath before you, and what evil befell him?

Corpse of Golodir: As you approach the fallen Ranger, your mind rebels at the thought that Golodir might have somehow gotten ahead of you and come to Osgiliath against Aragorn's command. How could he have come more swiftly than the Corsair ships, more swiftly than your own tread?
The merest flickering doubt is enough to dispel your wondering mind, and you see now that the body lying on the cold stones of war-torn Osgiliath is not that of Golodir after all, but another soldier fallen in the defence.

Objective 8

  • Find Grond somewhere in Osgiliath

You are drawn to the north-east... is that where Grond may be found?

A flash of colour to the north-east! Can it be?
'You have found Grond, great weapon of the Enemy

Objective 9

  • Damage the great ram Grond (0/4)

You have found Grond, and the might ram is undefended. Now is the time for you to damage its great wheels.

Grond resists your efforts, but you do not give up (4/4)
Derufin says, "You did it, <name>!"

Objective 10

  • Talk to Derufin by the mighty ram Grond

Derufin and Duilin have caught up with you and marvel at the sheer size of the mighty ram Grond.

Derufin: 'I stand in awe of your deeds, <name>! You have managed to inflict some damage on the great weapon of the Enemy! It seems clear that the destruction of Grond itself is beyond our means, but you have inflicted enough damage to the structure that bears it, and that may slow its progress toward the gates of Minas Tirith!'
'My brother fought a number of Orcs within the city, well more than we encountered. He thinks they are preparing for a renewed assault.'
Duilin says, "I cannot believe the size of it! It is larger than a Mûmak!"

Objective 11

  • Talk to Duilin by the mighty ram Grond

Derufin and Duilin have caught up with you and marvel at the sheer size of the mighty ram Grond.

Duilin: 'What a terrible weapon, <name>. My brother and I took solemn vows when we were children to always look upon the bright side of a situation, but I must tell you that I am finding it difficult to maintain this outlook while confronted with the terrible Grond!
'And yet, you managed to disable it, at least for a time. Even a weapon as frightful as this can be slowed! Hope springs in my breast even as I worry, and the worry passes!'

Objective 12

  • Stand with Duilin and Derufin within Osgiliath

A terrifying foe has come to Osgilath.

Your heart is gripped by a sudden chill
Gothmog says, "<name>..."
Gothmog says, "Many days have passed since I last saw you."
Gothmog says, "Many leagues have you travelled."
Gothmog says, "We are both changed, <name>... can you feel it?"
Gothmog says, "Once I was Mordirith, Steward of Angmar, but I was undone by trickery."
Gothmog says, "The Elf Laerdan is slain, and the daughter..."
Gothmog says, "The daughter is not worthy of mention."
Gothmog says, "I fell unto the Void, but my Master pulled me back."
Gothmog says, "The blade was the key, <name>."
Gothmog says, "The Dúnadan who first wounded me lives still, drowning his sorrows in the North."
Gothmog says, "While he lives I cannot die!"
Gothmog says, "Do you think he felt my return?"
Gothmog says, "Does hated Golodir feel my presence even now?"
Gothmog says, "Do you think my anger haunts him still in the northern lands?"
Gothmog says, "It matters not."
Gothmog says, "The Dark Lord has given me a new form... a stronger form..."
Gothmog says, "I am Gothmog, the Dread Terror, and Minas Tirith shall crumble before me!"
Derufin says, "Run, <name>!"
Duilin says, "Derufin, let's get out of here!"