Quest:Instance: Floodwend Besieged

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Instance: Floodwend Besieged
Level 77
Type Solo
Starts with Radwig
Starts at Mead Hall of Floodwend
Start Region The Wold
Quest Group The Wold
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"The Easterlings have regrouped and are poised to assault Floodwend. The attack comes as success is reported to Radwig, yet now the town finds itself in a struggle to keep the Mead Hall from falling to the enemy."


Floodwend's peril has come to a boil. The Orcs and Easterlings have advanced on Floodwend, lead by the Nazgûl: the Grim Southron.

Objective 1

  • Speak with the young Thane

The town of Floodwend is besieged by the forces of Jóshkhin Orda, led by the Grim Southron who re-grouped the routed army.

You must protect the Mead Hall, and the young Thane of Floodwend!

Thane Radwig: 'It is time to breace for battle, <name>. I can already hear the sounds of war outside. We must take a stand here, in this very Mead Hall, and ensure that it does not fall as Langhold did, not many days ago.'
Radwig shows great courage for one so young. You must ready yourself for an attack on the Mead Hall.

Objective 2

  • Listen to Radwig

Radwig is in the Mead Hall of Floodwend, awaiting the approach of the forces of Mordor, led< by the Grim Southron.

Radwig shows great courage for one so young. You must ready yourself for an attack on the Mead Hall.
Thane Radwig says, "Guards!"
Guard says, "Yes, my Thane?"
Thane Radwig says, "You must leave this Hall at once and go defend the town."
Etta says, "No! I forbid you to leave the Thane unprotected."
Etta says, "It is your duty to stand between Radwig and any who dare threaten him."
Guard says, "I...yes, my lady. Of course."
Thane Radwig says, "This is not open for debate. The townsfolk need protection."
Guard says, "But Thane, your mother is right --"
Thane Radwig says, "Forgive me if I did not make myself clear...."
Thane Radwig says, "Let me try this again."
Thane Radwig says, "If you do not do the duty your Thane assigned you at once, and protect your people...."
Thane Radwig says, "...I will throw you in the stocks when this battle is done."
Guard says, "Our apologies, Thane Radwig!"
Guard says, "Heh...reminds me of his father, does that one."
Etta says, "Radwig...."
Thane Radwig says, "I am not a boy any longer, mother. I am responsible for my father's people."
Etta says, "I know, my dear son. You were right, of course."
Etta says, "You do not know how hard it is to watch you become a true Thane."
Etta says, "But I am so proud of you. You are so much like your father."
Thane Radwig says, "Thank you, mother. And do not worry! <name> fights bravely. We are in good hands."
The sounds of battle grow louder. The forces of Mordor are not far!

Objective 3

  • Protect the Mead Hall from the forces of Mordor
  • Radwig cannot be defeated
  • Etta cannot be defeated

Radwig is in the Mead Hall of Floodwend.

The Mead Hall is safe at last

Objective 4

  • Speak with Radwig

The Mead Hall of Floodwend has been defended, and Radwig is excited to congratulate you, and thank you for your help.

Etta says, "It is over...."
Thane Radwig says, "What of our people? Are we all that is left?"
Townsfolk says, "Three cheers for Radwig, warrior and Thane!"
Floodwend Guard says, "We were worried you did not survive the assault on the Mead Hall, Thane Radwig!"
Floodwend Guard says, "You are as great a warrior as your father, it would seem!"
Radwig: 'Look, <name>! Floodwend still stands!
'The Easterlings are truly driven off. I cannot thank you enough for helping us here, my friend. Look at my people, whole and hale.'
Radwig: 'We could not have managed this without you, <name>. I owe you so much. I do not think I would have embraced my responsibilities with such confidence if you had not been here to show me the way a true leader, a true warrior, must be.'