Quest:Instance: Eyes of Edoras

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Instance: Eyes of Edoras
Level 89
Type Solo
Starts with Horn
Starts at Kingstead
Start Region Kingstead
Map Ref [60.0S, 74.2W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 12
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'We have returned to Edoras and should see how Éowyn fares with her duties.'


You have returned to Edoras with Horn, and Nona has set foot within the city for the first time.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Horn in Edoras

Horn is waiting to speak with you on the road through the market, in Edoras.

Horn: 'This way, <name>. We will find the Lady Éowyn and see how her efforts have progressed while we saw to the will of her brother in Aldburg.'

Objective 2

Horn is waiting to speak with you on the road through the market, in Edoras.

Horn says, "This way, everyone."
Child says, "There she is! I told you!"
Horn says, "Greetings, children. How fares the city?"
Child says, "Why should we tell you anything?"
Horn says, "We have done nothing to cause you insult."
Horn says, "What would your fathers say to this discourtesy?"
Child says, "How should we know? They are all gone!"
Child says, "Because of Dunlendings like HER!"

Objective 3

  • Talk to Nona in Edoras

Nona has been confronted by a number of children in Edoras, and she does not seem happy about it.

Nona: Nona's hands are clenched, and her eyes are ablaze.
'Step aside, <name>. I will not listen to these children speak ill of my people.'

Objective 4

  • Make sure Nona does not hurt anyone

Nona has been confronted by a number of children in Edoras, and she does not seem happy about it.

Nona says, "You need to learn something, weak-legged foals."
Child says, "Get out of here, Dunlending witch!"
Nona says, "You know nothing of my land."
Child says, "We know enough! Your people want to kill us all!"
Nona says, "How many Dunlendings have you slain, small one?"
Child says, "What?"
Nona says, "How about you? How many Dunlendings have you killed?"
Child says, "None... but I am not yet of age!"
Nona says, "I have slain more than two dozen Dunlendings."
Nona says, "They were allies of those who killed my brother: servants of Saruman."
Nona says, "Have you nothing now to say?"
Child says, "Can you teach us how to fight?"
Child says, "Please teach us sword-play!"

Objective 5

  • Talk to Corudan in Edoras

Corudan is in the market in Edoras, amused by the recent turn of events concerning Nona and the Rohirrim children

Corudan: 'Ha! I did not expect this turn, <name>! It seems our Nona has an effect even on the children of Rohan! If Horn is not cautious, he may find she has little time for him, so busy will she be instructing these children in sword-play!
'You should go on ahead, my friend, and find Éowyn outside Meduseld. It may take us some time to get there.'

Objective 6

  • Talk to Éowyn on the steps outside Meduseld

Éowyn is on the steps outside Meduseld.

Éowyn: Éowyn listens to your report of your visits to Underharrow and Aldburg, but you can tell from her guarded expression that something troubles her.
'I fear we did not root out all of Gríma's allies when last you were in Edoras, <name>. I believe someone interferes with my efforts to empty the city. Someone cut holes in the sacks of grain we set by, and damaged the wheels of one waggon I did not think needed guarding. Céolflad saw a suspicious figure flee the city to the north.
'Speak to her and see if she can provide you with a description of this man. If we do not know his appearance, we will not be able to prevent him from doing more damage, should he return. Find her outside her home, to the north-east.'

Objective 7

  • Talk to Céolflad in Edoras, north-east of the Meduseld steps

Céolflad is north-east of the Meduseld steps, outside her home.

Éowyn has asked you to speak to Céolflad and obtain a description of the suspicious figure that interfered with her duty to empty the city.

Céolflad: 'I will help you with anything I can, <name>, if it will help Lady Éowyn catch this man. Ask me what you will, and I will tell you what I remember of the man I saw.'
Céolflad says, "Ask me what you will, and I will tell you what I can remember of this man."

Objective 8

  • Ask Céolflad questions about the suspicious man she saw in Edoras

Céolflad saw a suspicious figure in Edoras, and now you should ask her questions to learn what you can of his appearance.

Tell me about yourself: 'My husband has gone to war with Théoden King, and now I must wait for his return. We have been told we cannot wait here at our homes, but must go to Dunharrow.'
What did you see?: 'This morning, shortly before sun-up, I walked through the lanes of the city. I wanted to impress upon my memory every detail of this, my home. It was a sad walk down to the gates.
'Just inside the gates, a waggon was waiting for supplies to be loaded. Standing next to it, in the shadows, I saw a man.'
What was he wearing?: 'He crouched by the waggon, and I saw that his boots were caked with mud. He wore yellow or brown leather with a strap over one shoulder.
'I saw the glint of sun on chain in the early morning light.'
You are certain about his dress?: 'Yes, I am fairly certain. Actually...
'Now that I think on it, I believe he may have worn a red brooch around his neck. The setting was gold, or very polished bronze, but the gem in the middle glowed red in the light of dawn.'
Was his hair distinctive?: 'I cannot really remember the style in which he wore his hair, but its colour was light in the dawn. I am put in mind that it could have had an amber hue, but I cannot say for certain.
'His hair was rather shaggy, but he was crouched by the waggon and it might have fallen free from a binding with the effort he exerted.'
You are certain about his hair?: 'I will not swear to it. I cannot be certain.'

Objective 9

  • Talk to Éowyn outside of Céolflad's house

Éowyn has hurried up to you near Céolflad with news.

Éowyn: Éowyn listens to the description you obtained from Céolflad and nods excitedly.
'Very good, <name>, but we need confirmation and may now be able to obtain it. Another citizen of Edoras is claiming to have seen this man. Follow the road to the north and speak to Elfburg. If her description matches that of Céolflad, we should be able to trust their memory of this man.'

Objective 10

  • Find Elfburg and question her about the suspicious man she saw in Edoras

Elfburg is in Edoras, north of Céolflad's home. She too has seen a suspicious figure in Edoras, and Éowyn would like you to ask her questions as well.

Tell me about yourself: 'I have lived in Edoras all my life, baking bread for the King's board. Now we must go to Dunharrow until he returns from the war.
'I do not know if this city will remain when we return, if we do return.'
What did you see?: 'I wake early on most mornings, and this day I had difficulty sleeping. When I went to the storehouse to count the sacks of grain I need to bring to Dunharrow, I saw that the sacks were split and the grain spilled across the floor!
'I despaired at the sight, and then espied a man fleeing down the road!'
What was he wearing?: 'He ran with great haste, and I did not get a good look at him.
'I think he wore black leather over chainmail, but the mail was mostly covered. I caught only a few flashes of silver. It was very dark.'
You are certain about his dress?: 'Well, perhaps not. It was very dark.
'I think perhaps the leather he wore was not as dark as I thought at first. Perhaps it was more brown than black. The sun was not yet up when I saw him, and it was dark in the lane.'
Was his hair distinctive?: 'His hair was long and blond. His appearance was very much that of a man of Rohan.
'It will make him more difficult to find, I expect.'
Did he have a beard?: 'Yes, a blond one. Did I not mention it?'
Was he holding anything?: 'He had an axe in his hand. It must be what he used to tear open my sacks of grain, the villain.'
Do you remember anything else?: 'There was one more thing. He wore a brooch at his neck, fastened with a clasp. I saw the gemstone in its centre glinting as he ran.
'It put me in mind of a blood-red eye.'
Elfburg's recollection of the man she saw is very similar to that of Céolflad

Objective 11

  • Talk to Horn in Edoras

Horn has come to your position near Elfburg, and you should tell him what you have learned.

Horn: Horn listens to your account, and nods.
'There are many men with blond hair and beards in Rohan, <name>, but this brooch sounds distinctive. A red gemstone in the shape of an eye is not a common adornment among my people. This is how we will find this treacherous snake, and keep him from doing further hurt to Éowyn or her people.'
Horn: 'Let us go to Éowyn together, and tell her what we have learned of this man.'