Quest:Instance: Death From Below

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Instance: Death from Below
Level 65
Type Solo only
Starts with Vatnar
Starts at Thangúlhad
Start Region Mirkwood
Map Ref [12.6S, 46.5W]
Quest Group Mirkwood
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialog

"Beneath the captured tower of Thangúlhad, the earth stirs as a band of goblins strives to undermine the Malledhrim outpost."


Vatnar has detected a band of goblin-sappers digging a tunnel below the cellars of Thangúlhad. He and his brother Thyrnir intend to invade the goblin-tunnel and collapse it before they can undermine the tower's foundation.

Objective 1

Speak with Vatnar and begin your counterattack against the goblin-sappers!

Vatnar: 'Let us be upon our task, shall we?'

Objective 1

  • Destroy the goblin-tunnel

Speak with Vatnar and begin your counterattack against the goblin-sappers!

Vatnar says, "Right then, let us be off! We have goblins to slay!"
Thyrnir says, "Keep it quick, then! We've not got all day."
Vatnar says, "That's it! Onwards!"
Vatnar says, "This will be it then...the goblin-tunnel should be just beyond this wall."
Thyrnir says, "For Thráin and the glory of the Lonely Mountain!"
Vatnar says, "By Durin's Beard! We're not a moment too soon. They've set their powder!"
Thyrnir says, "We've got to buy Vatnar time to undo the goblin's handywork. Come, help me guard this corridor."
Vatnar says, "That's one we won't have to worry about. It looks like there are three more to go. Save a few of those goblins for me!"
Vatnar says, "That's the second...two to go."
Thyrnir says, "Hurry it up over there, Vatnar! My beard's not getting any shorter while you dally about!"
Vatnar says, "Less talking and more fighting, Thyrnir! This is delicate work here...."
Vatnar says, "There, that's the third. One to go!"
Vatnar says, "Done! I've got them all...let us be away!"
Vatnar says, "Now we've got to deal with this tunnel, or they'll just be back in here in a day's time."
Vatnar says, "Just a moment...a little something for later."
Thyrnir says, "Bah! I prefer a good axe myself, but have it your way, Vatnar."
Vatnar says, "This is the shaft they came in through. If we bring this down, it will be some time before they can get in again."
Thyrnir says, "Hurry it up, Vatnar! They know we're here now, and they have plenty of reinforcements coming!"
Vatnar says, "You said you wanted to fight goblins, Thyrnir? Now's your chance!"
Thyrnir says, "I did not say I wanted to fight ALL of them, you daft fool! Now hurry!"
Vatnar says, "This is the last one...when it is set, run for your lives!"
Vatnar says, "That's it, they are all done. Now RUN!"
Thyrnir says, "That's no goblin...that's a Cave-troll! Run for it!"
Vatnar says, "Over here, <name>! This is where we shall make our stand! Just stay clear of that powder there...."
Vatnar says, "Ha! That got him!"
Thyrnir says, "That will do for you, you great stupid hulk!"
You are victorious!

Objective 3

  • Talk to Vatnar

Talk to Vatnar to return to the surface.

Vatnar: 'Aye! That did it! Well fought, <name>! The goblins' works are broken, and the remaining sappers seem to have run off.
'It must have been that scowl of yours that did it....'
Vatnar: 'Right then, let us hie ourselves from this stinking tunnel. We wouldn't want Rodelleth and her Elves getting lonesome for lack of our company, would we?'