Quest:Instance: Dúnedain Past and Present

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Instance: Dúnedain Past and Present
Level 50
Type Solo
Starts with Lothrandir
Starts at Hylje-leiri
Start Region Forochel
Map Ref [18.5N, 81.6W]
Ends with Lothrandir
Ends at Hylje-leiri
End Region Forochel
Map Ref [18.8N, 81.3W]
Quest Chain Agoroth, the Narrowdelve
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

"Lothrandir, a Ranger of the North, has joined thee in thy quest to find a lost Arnorian treasure in Forochel. Thy only hope of finding it may lie with Arvedui, last King of Arthedain."


Lothrandir, a Ranger of the North, has joined you in your quest to find a lost Arnorian treasure in Forochel. Your only hope of finding it may lie with the shade of Arvedui, last King of Arthedain.

Objective 1

You have arrived at the shipwreck of the Thoroval.

You should talk to Lothrandir.

Lothrandir: 'We have arrived. It is time to speak with King Arvedui.'

Objective 2

  • Listen to the conversation
Lothrandir says, "The Lossoth say this place is cursed. To think the last King of our people still lingers here..."
Lothrandir says, "What is the etiquette for meeting such a king as this? Life as a Ranger has not prepared me for these things!"
Lothrandir says, "Hail, King Arvedui! I am Lothrandir, a Ranger of the North. A Dúnadan! It is an honour to meet you, sure."
Arvedui says, "A Dúnadan... You must be he who hath befriended the Lossoth."
Arvedui says, "Well met, Lothrandir. I desire to ask thee how our people hath fared since my passing, but you must have come here for another reason."
Lothrandir says, "We have come with a mission from Lord Elrond. He believes you may be able to help us find something before the Angmarim do."
Arvedui says, "I owe much to Lord Elrond and his people. I will help thee however I can."
Lothrandir says, "We have learned that during King Valandur's time, something of great importance was moved from Ost Forod and hidden somewhere in the North."
Lothrandir says, "Elrond thinks the Witch-king's forces are looking for it. Do you know what it is or where it is hidden?"
Arvedui says, "Agoroth..."
Lothrandir says, "Agoroth?"
Arvedui says, "The Narrowdelve. It is a hidden fortress in the mountains nearby."
Arvedui says, "For centuries, the Key of Agoroth had been passed down from King to heir, for as long as the North Kingdom stood. It is the only way to access the vault within."
Arvedui says, "Another long line broken by my death. If only I had heeded the warnings of the Lossoth..."
Lothrandir says, "It must be extremely well-hidden fo rme to have not stumbled upon it, for I have spent many years exploring the northern wilds. I wonder if-"
Arvedui says, "Someone else approaches. Wert thou followed?"
Lothrandir says, "What? Ah, I hear them out there. In the excitement of this meeting I lowered my guard!"
Lothrandir says, "Weapons at the ready, <name>!"
Angmarim Sorceress shouts, "Death to the Rangers and their allies! You will never find Agoroth!"

Objective 3

  • Defeat the Angmarim

The Angmarim have launched an ambush!

You should defeat the Angmarim attackers!

Lothrandir says, "I believe that was all of them. Strong evidence that Lord Elrond was correct!"

Objective 4

  • Listen to the conversation

Lothrandir is speaking with Arvedui at the shipwreck of the Thoroval.

You should listen to the conversation.

Lothrandir says, "The Angmarim are on the same trail, and aim to beat us to Agoroth."
Lothrandir says, "Do you know what lies inside the vault, King Arvedui?"
Arvedui says, "I know the location of Agoroth, but not what it contains, only that it was considered a 'beacon of peace'."
Arvedui says, "Before I set sail to my doom, I explored the ice caves and canyons, searching for Agoroth. Would its secret help me to defeat the Witch-king and retake my kingdom?"
Arvedui says, "I found the secret door, but to my dismay the path was choked wiht cie and snow. It was clear no living soul had passed that way in many years."
Lothrandir says, "So it does exist! Will you show us the way, King Arvedui?"
Arvedui says, "I cannot... Not without the key."
Arvedui says, "On that fateful day I left it with the Lossoth chieftain, as thanks for their aid."
Arvedui says, "They recognized it, and spoke of an ancient pact with the 'Iron Men', and a 'Stone-home.' News of this pact had been passed down through the years."
Lothrandir says, "The Lossoth kept the Ring of Barahir safe as well. It is likely they still have the key, and could be willing to barter for it."

Completed: Instance: Dúnedain Past and Present

Lothrandir: 'I believe we have a lead! Let us consider our next steps.'