Quest:Instance: All that Remains

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Instance: All that Remains
Level 78
Type Solo
Starts with Inhild
Starts at Cliving
Start Region Norcrofts
Map Ref [43.3S, 56.4W]
Ends with Inhild
Ends at Cliving
End Region Norcrofts
Map Ref [43.3S, 56.4W]
Quest Group Norcrofts
Quest Chain All that Remains
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"You have escorted Inhild to the home of Randgar, offering her the chance to have closure regarding the death of the man she once loved."


Inhild has travelled to Randgar's farm, in order to say a final farewell to the man she loved so dearly.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Inhild

Inhild can be found along the road to Randgar's farm.

Inhild wishes to speak with you about Randgar.

Inhild: 'Thank you for bringing me here, <name>. I hope that I have not been overly troublesome to you. You have been a greater friend to Randgar and myself than you know.
'Please excuse me a moment.'
  • Observe the events at Randgar's farm
Inhild says, "Randgar! Randgar!"
Randgar says, "Here I am Inhild! Do you see me?"
Randgar says, "It is so good to see you, my love! I cannot believe that it worked."

Objective 2

  • Talk to Randgar

Randgar has appeared, alive and well, and would like to explain things to you.

Randgar: 'Greetings again, <name>. I understand your surprise. Please allow me to explain'
  • Listen to Randgar's explanation
Randgar says, "Inhild and I have known that we would never be together, as long as Hwitmon could stop us."
Randgar says, "We devised a plan to feign my death, in hopes that Hwitmon would allow Inhild to see to my remains."
Randgar says, "For our scheme to work, we would need an outsider to lend help. That outsider was you, <name>."
Randgar says, "I am sorry to have deceived you, but it was the only way to ensure that you would be genuine when convincing Hwitmon."
Randgar says, "We did not wish for it to be this way, but we had no choice! Please do not be angry. You have done us a great service."
Randgar says, "There is one final matter that needs to be dealt with. Please speak with Inhild, and she will explain."

Objective 3

  • Talk to Inhild

Inhild can be found near Randgar's farm.

Inhild wishes to discuss one final matter with you.

Inhild: 'My father cares for me, buthe shares not my views of love. He would never allow me to spend my life with a farmer, no matter how good that man might be.
'Randgar and I must depart together for safer lands. You have been so helpful, but I must ask of you one final request. Please, tell my father that I have gone off with a rich and handsome Rider from Edoras, whom we encountered on our return. In this way, he will miss me, but be all together happy for my good fortune.'
Inhild: 'Good fortune to you, <name>. We owe you our happiness together.'