Quest:Instance: A Vengeful Heart

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Instance: A Vengeful Heart
Level 128
Type Solo
Starts with Culang
Starts at Barad Cúron, the Tower of the Crescent Moon
Start Region Minas Morgul
Quest Group The Black Book of Mordor: Chapter 14
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

A Vengeful Heart
"Someone else has entered the tower! Be on guard!"


Gothmog has been defeated, but he is not the only Master of Mordor who has come to Barad Cúron.

Objective 1

The Ranger Culang is in the throne room inside Barad Cúron.

Culang: 'Be on your guard, my friend. We have few friends in this dark city, and fewer still who might gain access to this tower!'

Objective 2

  • Remain on guard

Ugrukhôr, the Captain of the Pit, has captured the Ranger Annoth. He comes now to Barad Cúron to challenge Gothmog for supremacy of Imlad Morgul.

Culang says, "Prepare yourself, <name>!"
Culang says, "What? It is a Ranger of Ithilien!"
Culang says, "Annoth? Is that you?"
Ugrukhôr says, "Out of the way, prisoner!"
Ugrukhôr says, "Gothmog! Show yourself!"
Ugrukhôr says, "I have come for your life!"
Ugrukhôr says, "What happened here?"
Culang says, "You are too late, Ugrukhôr. Gothmog has been defeated!"
Culang says, "Release Annoth and leave us, and no one else needs to die."
Annoth says, "No!"
Annoth says, "Ugrukhôr dies today!"
Annoth says, "The Thandrim will be avenged!"
Ugrukhôr says, "Quiet, prisoner."
Ugrukhôr says, "My scouts saw Karazgar enter this tower."
Ugrukhôr says, "Did he slay the Witch-king's favorite pet?"
Ugrukhôr says, "<name>! I am asking you."
Ugrukhôr says, "Speak or the Ranger dies."

Objective 3

Ugrukhôr has asked you a question.

Ugrukhôr says, "He dies anyway."
Culang says, "Curse you, Ugrukhôr!"
Annoth says, "<name>... avenge... the Thandrim..."
Ugrukhôr says, "Well, <name>? Is Karazgar still in the tower?"

Objective 4

Ugrukhôr does not have the capacity for mercy. He toys with you and with the lives of your friends.

Ugrukhôr: 'Ah, now you speak swiftly. It is a good lesson, <race>.
'But you will still not tell me if Karazgar remains in the tower? This defiance does not suit you, and it will avail you nothing. Indeed, it may cost you your life, or the lives of more friends. Is that what you want?'
Ugrukhôr says, "Lûrkh! Take <name> and search the tower!"
Ugrukhôr says, "If <name> tries anything, give a shout and I will slay this other Ranger."
Ugrukhôr says, "His blood will be on your hands, <class>."
Ugrukhôr says, "So guard Lûrkh with your life."

Objective 5

Ugrukhôr does not have the capacity for mercy. He toys with you and with the lives of your friends. He must pay for his cruelty.

Lûrkh: 'You'd better come with me, slime! You're going to show me where your friend Karazgar is hiding, and if you so much as look at me strangely I'll kill you first!'

Objective 6

  • Escort Lûrkh to the upper reaches of the tower, and ensure he survives

Ugrukhôr has commanded one of his guards, an Orc named Lûrkh, to take you on a search of the tower for Karazgar.

Lûrkh says, "Move it!"
Lûrkh says, "You had better do as I say, <class>."
Lûrkh says, "Is that really Gothmog?"
Lûrkh says, "He looks dead to me. How about that?"
Lûrkh says, "Always hated those things."
Lûrkh says, "Never trust anything that's got wings, that's what I say."
Lûrkh says, "I don't see any sign of Karazgar. Maybe he's gone."
Lûrkh says, "Or maybe he never came up here?"
Lûrkh says, "Is there any treasure up here, <class>?"

Objective 7

Lûrkh wants you to clear the room of merrevail while he studies the Oath-stone, pondering if some valuable piece of it might be chipped away and kept as treasure.

Lûrkh says, "Now that looks pretty valuable..."
Lûrkh says, "There might be more winged beasts around here."
Lûrkh says, "Find out if there are any more lurking in this room, maggot!"

Objective 8

  • Defeat Lûrkh, and do it quickly

Lûrkh has given all his attention to the Oath-stone in the centre of the chamber. Now is your chance to overpower him!

Lûrkh is focused on the Oath-stone. Now is your chance to overpower him!
Lûrkh says, "This stone must surely be worth something..."
Lûrkh says, "But how can I haul it away?"
Lûrkh says, "Perhaps I can pry off a chunk of it?"
Lûrkh has been swiftly defeated! Now you can descend the tower

Objective 9

With the advantage of surprise on your side, you should descend the tower of Barad Cúron and return to the throne room.

Culang catches your eye. Be ready for his signal!

Objective 10

  • Wait for Culang's signal to attack

Culang has noticed your return, and now you must wait for his signal to attack. Do not let Ugrukhôr see you before that time!

Ugrukhôr says, "What is this? Some relic prized by Gothmog?"
Ugrukhôr says, "Just dust? Bah!"
Culang says, "Now, <name>!"

Objective 11

  • Wait for Culang's signal to attack

Culang has noticed your return, and now you must wait for his signal to attack. Do not let Ugrukhôr see you before that time!

Ugrukhôr says, "So that is the way of it, then?"
Ugrukhôr says, "Come, <name>. Can we not settle this as equals?"

Objective 12

Ugrukhôr is ready to face you in single combat.

Ugrukhôr: 'You are alone, <name>. You came to this tower with allies, but they have abandoned you.
'Your Rangers may find success in the woods, but in towers of stone they die the same as any others. They cannot save you.
'The Thandrim crossed me, long ago, and they are all dead. The only man who remembered them will have no vengeance. I gave him death instead, and none now will wield his sad sword or bear his broken shield.
'And Karazgar? Long have I thought to test my might against the Weeping Warrior, but he is a sneaking coward. When I have secured my position here, he will be the next to fall. But of this I am now convinced: he is no friend to you. Perhaps he and I will strike a bargain, for we each may have information of use to the other.
'<class>! Do you dare test your will against Ugrukhôr, the Captain of the Pit? Did I say we were equal? I see now I was wrong! You are no equal of mine, for I am Gúrzyul... and I am your ending!'

Objective 13

The time has come to face Ugrukhôr, the Captain of the Pit, and avenge the lives he has taken.

Ugrukhôr says, "Prepare to join your friends in death, <name>!"
Ugrukhôr says, "It is too late to flee."
Ugrukhôr says, "The Thandrim sought mercy. They were fools."
Ugrukhôr says, "You will have no mercy from me."
Ugrukhôr says, "You have drawn blood, <name>."
Ugrukhôr says, "For that you have my respect."
Ugrukhôr says, "But know this."
Gothmog says, "Ugrukhôr!"
Gothmog says, "At last you will know death!"

Objective 14

Culang is in the throne room of Barad Cúron.

Culang: '<name>... I am all right...'
'I will survive... and Ugrukhôr will not!'