Quest:Instance: A True Friend of Durin's Folk

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Instance: A True Friend of Durin's Folk
Level 110
Type Solo
Starts with Bósi
Starts at Hall Under the Mountain
Start Region Eryn Lasgalen
Map Ref [29.5N, 25.6W]
Quest Chain Allegiance: Durin's Folk
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Who among us can deny the great deeds you have performed on behalf of Durin's Folk?"


King Thorin III has called for the folk of the Lonely Mountain to assemble and hear his words.

Objective 1

Hrostyr stands before the throne of King Thorin III.

Hrostyr: 'We will not need to fight side by side on this day, <name>, as we did before. This is a day for celebration!'

Objective 2

Thorin III, King Under the Mountain, addresses the folk of the Lonely Mountain.

Hrostyr says, "Thorin III, King Under the Mountain, has some words for you all."
King Thorin III says, "It has been too long since I have addressed you, my people."
King Thorin III says, "We have been through much. The time could not be spared."
King Thorin III says, "Our allies were set upon by their foes, and Durin's Folk came to their defence."
King Thorin III says, "My father died before the gates. Many of our people perished by his side."
King Thorin III says, "Our home was besieged."
King Thorin III says, "We persevered! We did not give up!"
King Thorin III says, "We took up axe and shield, and faced our enemies!"
Dwarf of Erebor says, "Glory for the King Under the Mountain!"
Dwarf of Erebor says, "Thorin! Thorin!"
Dwarf of Erebor says, "Our king!"
King Thorin III says, "The Dark Lord was destroyed, and the gates of his land were cast down."
King Thorin III says, "Into Mordor our people journeyed, eager for treasure and glory."
King Thorin III says, "But that land still holds danger for our people."
King Thorin III says, "Dómor succumbed to the evils of Mordor, and betrayed his fellows."
King Thorin III says, "Now he rots in the dungeons of the Mountain."
Dwarf of Erebor says, "Death to the traitor!"
Dwarf of Erebor says, "He has no honour!"
Dwarf of Erebor says, "His beard should be shorn!"
King Thorin III says, "I will deal with Dómor."
King Thorin III says, "But do not forget Eirek and Mogi, who fell at his hands."
King Thorin III says, "There is another who has worked on behalf of Durin's Folk."
King Thorin III says, "I speak of <name>. Come stand with me, my friend."
King Thorin III says, "You braved the darkness of Mordor and emerged untainted."
King Thorin III says, "Your deeds speak loudly of your courage and your bravery."
King Thorin III says, "You are a true friend of Durin's Folk!"
Dwarf of Erebor says, "<name>!"
Dwarf of Erebor says, "<name>!"
Dwarf of Erebor says, "<name>!"
Instance: A True Friend of Durin's Folk
Gimli: 'I could have told the king you were worthy of praise when you first arrived and saved you some time... but no one asked me, after all! Ha ha ha!
'Well done, <name>! You have done much for my people!'