Quest:Instance: A Trap for the Creature

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Instance: A Trap for the Creature
Level 38
Type Solo only
Starts with Garbert
Starts at Garbert's Cottage
Start Region Trollshaws
Map Ref [38.3S, 14.5W]
Quest Group Trollshaws
Quest Chain The Creeping Shadow
Reflecting Pool Trollshaws Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"Garbert, a fisherman in Tâl Bruinen, believes a trap can be set for the skulking creature which has terrorized the scattered inhabitants remaining in the region. Nevertheless, the creature has been a wary and cunning opponent...."


You and Garbert are prepared to set in motion the fisherman's plan to catch the sneaking creature that haunts Tâl Bruinen.

Objective 1

Garbert has already prepared some of the trap, but he still needs your help.

Garbert. 'We are going to trap this creature, <name>, I can feel it! It will surely come back to the cottage tonight, and we will be waiting!
'I have already made most of the preparations. We only await Adwold!'

Objective 2

Garbert is at his cottage

Garbert says, "Ah! There he is!"
Adwold says, "Ho there, Garbert!"
Adwold says, "I am back, friends! We will stop this creature, you will see!"
Garbert says, "I hope so, Adwold."
Afanen says, "I'll be inside, my frying-pan at the ready!"
Adwold says, "We will put the fish by the side of the house. This way, <name>."
Adwold says, "You place the fish beneath the window there."

Objective 3

  • Place fish beneath the window.

Adwold is waiting for you to place the fish beneath the window.

Adwold has shown you the perfect place to leave the bait for your trap: beneath the large window on the side of Garbert's Cottage.

Adwold says, "That should do."
Adwold says, "I hope the creature is distracted by those fish. There are not very many."
Adwold says, "If the creature does ignore the fish, I suppose we could try making a lot of noise."
Adwold says, "You really could not find more fish than this?"
Adwold says, "Ah, it does not matter."
Adwold says, "I am sure Garbert and Afanen's son will be fine if this does not work."
Adwold says, "It appears Garbert set up a place where we can keep watch. Follow me."

Objective 4

  • Talk to Adwold

Adwold is preparing to lie in wait for the creature to appear.

You and Adwold must steel yourselves for the springing of the trap.

Adwold: 'This will be a perfect place to lie in wait, <name>. Keep your eyes open, for the creature will be back sometime tonight, or so Garbert believes!'
Adwold says, "Keep your eyes peeled. The creature might be anywhere."
Adwold says, "Remain vigilant!"
Adwold says, "This is always the least exciting part of a hunt, <name>."
Adwold says, "When hunting the white hart, I lay in wait for nearly...."
Adwold says, "What was that?"
Adwold says, "I thought I heard something."

Objective 5

  • Keep watch for the creature
  • Talk to Adwold

Adwold is hiding behind the makeshift cover Garbert constructed by his cottage.

What was that sound? Adwold is certain he heard something -- could it be the creature?

Adwold: 'There's something out there, <name>...I think our creature is nearby!
'There it is again: a soft splashing! He is coming from the water!
'I will give you the signal to jump out and try to grab him -- we want him to be in the middle of eating the fish, so wait for my signal before revealing yourself!'

Objective 6

  • Grab the creature at Adwold's signal

The sneaking creature has come again to Garbert's Cottage, and you and Adwold are ready to spring the trap.

Adwold has told you to wait for his signal before jumping out at the creature and trying to seize it.

Sneaking Creature says, "Won't go back to Udulug! We won't, my preciousss!"
Sneaking Creature says, "Here fishes, here fishes!"
Sneaking Creature says, "Poor Sméagol so hungry! *gollum*"
Sneaking Creature says, "Fishesss? Why are there fishes, precious?"
Adwold says, "Not yet, <name>! Wait for my signal!"
Sneaking Creature says, "Our fishes now, yesss, precious!"
Sneaking Creature says, "Where did fishes come from? We don't knows, precious, no, we doesn't! *gollum*"
Sneaking Creature says, "Mustn't ask questions, or might be last fishes we eats, precious!"
Sneaking Creature says, "Won't Udulug be sorry? No more laughing at us, no! *gollum* *gollum*"
Adwold says, "Now, <name>! Get him!"

Objective 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

  • Chase the sneaking creature through Tâl Bruinen

The sneaking creature is escaping through Tâl Bruinen, and you must follow it if you can.

Adwold says, "Do not let him get away!"
Sneaking Creature says, "Ach! Sss -- enemies, enemiesss!"
Adwold says, "Ouch! My leg! Keep going, <name>, I will catch up to you!"
Sneaking Creature says, "Not safe, nowhere safe! *gollum* *gollum*"
Sneaking Creature says, "Flee! We must flee, precious!"
Sneaking Creature says, "Climb tree? No, no, not tall enough! *gollum*"
Sneaking Creature says, "Ssss! Go away! Leave us alone! *gollum*"
Sneaking Creature says, "We'll find Udulug! *gollum*"
Sneaking Creature says, "Paddle, paddle, paddle, precious!"
Sneaking Creature says, "Udulug! Filthy Orc is no help at all! *gollum*"

Objective 12

You have lost the creature, but encountered an Orc that seems to have been charged with tracking its movements: this is Udulug, of whom the creature spoke.

Udulug must be defeated.

Udulug says, "You rot-bag! My lads didn't spring the Sneak from the Elf-warriors for nothing!"
Udulug says, "I've got orders to keep the Sneak safe. He's got something he's supposed to be doing, see?"
Udulug says, "But that's the last you'll hear of it!"

Defeated Udulug

Adwold says, "<name>! It looks like I got here just in time!"
Adwold says, "What happened to the creature? You lost him?"

Objective 13

  • Talk to Adwold

Adwold has managed to catch up to you despite suffering a leg injury during the chase.

Adwold is waiting to hear the results of the chase.

Adwold: 'It is a shame that you lost him, but you do not have the experience in tracking that I do, so that is to be expected. You did your best, <name>, and I appreciate it.
'I think we gave that creature enough of a fright that he will not be troubling Garbert or Afanen or their child again, and is that not what matters, after all?
'Good work with the Orc, by the by! If it was not for my leg, I would have helped you out with him, of a certainty! I wonder why this Udulug was out here, and what his connexion to our creature might have been? Very strange. Probably it was nothing important.'
Adwold: 'Are you ready to go?'