Quest:Instance: A Timely Rescue

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Instance: A Timely Rescue
Level 61
Type Solo
Starts with Amarion
Starts at The Black Dens
Start Region Enedwaith
Map Ref [60.6S, 13.4W]
Quest Group Enedwaith
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Now and again even the finest tracker may find that the tables have turned upon him and the hunter becomes the hunted. So it is with my kinsman Amarion, who finds himself in a precarious position, as shadow wolves stalk him in the gathering darkness.


Amarion left camp to search the Black Dens where he believed he might find some way to destroy the Shadow-wolves -- but he has been gone too long. Braigiar has asked you to search for him among the Dens in the hope that he might be found unharmed.

Objective 1

Help Amarion escape from the Black Dens

Amarion: 'I would say that we should move quickly before the wolves notice us....
'Wait, no, it is too late...they come!'
Amarion says, "Stand fast, my seems that the Shadow-wolves have discovered us already."
Amarion says, "More come...I can hear their howling. Make ready."
Amarion says, "It is as I feared, <name>...there may be no end to these foul apparitions."
Amarion says, "Well, on the bright side, perhaps Braigiar will write a nice song about us when we are gone."
Amarion says, "What...what manner of terror is this? Fight well, <name>, or we shall die this day!"
Amarion says, "It has fallen! The beast is dead!"
You have driven off the Shadow-wolves
Amarion says, "...and there, do you hear? The dread howling has finally ceased!"
Amarion says, "Let us not dally here!"

Objective 2

  • Talk to Amarion

Speak with Amarion and return to Echad Dagoras in Fordirith.

Amarion: 'Let us be off then!'
You and Amarion have escaped from the Black Dens
Amarion: 'Enough! You have fought well, <name>, and at last we have a moment's respite.
'I have found something of import here, but this is neither the place nor time to speak of it, as we should leave this place swiftly.'