Quest:Instance: A Minstrel's Hope

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Instance: A Minstrel's Hope
Level 30
Type Solo only
Starts with Leigh Putnam
Starts at Trestlebridge
Start Region The North Downs
Map Ref [17.8S, 54.0W]
Quest Group Minstrel
Class Minstrel
Reflecting Pool North Downs Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

"Several citizens of the besieged town of Trestlebridge have taken refuge in nearby caves, hoping to wait out of the siege, but the Orcs have become aware of the townsfolk's hiding place. It is up to the minstrel Leigh Putnam an her friends to warn them...."


You have travelled to a nearby cave with Leigh Putnam to help raise the spirits of the refugees seeking shelter within and convince them that Trestlebridge would be a safer place to hide.

Objective 1

Leigh Putnam is just inside the entrance of the cave.

You have travelled with Leigh to the cave where refugees are seeking shelter from Orc-attacks.

Leigh Putnam: 'This is the cave, <name>. Let us go quickly -- I want to convince these people to come to Trestlebridge. The town may not be safe, but it has to be safer than this cave.
'Let us hurry -- my brother will warn us if any Orcs come too near.'

Objective 2

  • Talk to the refugees hiding in the cave

The refugees are hiding in the back of the cave.

Leigh Putnam has asked you to try and lift the spirits of the refugees hiding in the cave and to convince them to come to Trestlebridge.

Leigh Putnam says, "Quickly, we need to hurry!"
Leigh Putnam says, "I hope we're not too late."
Leigh Putnam says, "Look! There they are!"
Leigh Putnam says, "Thank goodness you're safe!"
Lind Newell says, "We're safer here than we'd be in Trestlebridge, anyway!"
Gail Beecher says, "We're safe enough here, Leigh. You and your friend have wasted a trip."
Ford Beecher: 'The Orcs didn't see you, did they? If you've endangered us by coming here, I'll make sure you regret it!
'Trestlebridge? No, we're not going there -- it's death! At least here, we might remain unseen by the Orcs. Trestlebridge is the main goal of the raiding-parties, and we'd be fools to try and hide there!'
Gail Beecher: 'I don't think it's a good idea to go to Trestlebridge, and Ford agrees. We are safer here.
'Thank you for your concern, but I think we are going to stay where we are.'
Lind Newell: 'The Orcs are searching for survivors from their initial raid, <name>, but if we stay hidden for a while, we should be safe. I hope they didn't follow you here.'

Objective 3

Severin Wheeler has arrived in the cave with grim tidings.

You have tried to convince the refugees to come to the relative safety of Trestlebridge, but they refused.

Leigh Putnam says, "Who's there?"
Edward Putnam says, "There they are, Captain!"
Severin Wheeler: '<name>, it's too late -- a party of Orcs is on its way here! Lend us the aid you can, for they will be here in moments! If Edward and I fall, you and Leigh will be the only defence for the people there -- do not let the Orcs reach them!'
Severin Wheeler says, "Edward, Ahrien, we must keep the Orcs from reaching these people!"
Edward Putnam says, "Yes, sir! Leigh, be strong."
Severin Wheeler says, "Stand ready. The Orcs approach!"
Severin Wheeler says, "Hold your ground!"
Edward Putnam says, "Do not despair!"
Edward Putnam says, "Courage!"
Tarkrîp Raid-leader says, "I'll finish you!"
Edward Putnam says, "We've done it! Tell my sister of our victory!"

Objective 4

Leigh Putnam is inside the refugee cave.

You have aided in the defence of the refugees, and now Leigh wishes to speak with you.

Lind Newell: 'This band of Orcs thought to have no trouble rooting us out, but Captain Wheeler, Edward Putnam, and yourself showed them their error. I applaud you, friend minstrel!'
Ford Beecher: 'The Orcs know about this cave now. We have no choice but to go to Trestlebridge. I thank you for your help, but I wish it was not necessary. When will this land be safe once again for good folk to live in peace?'
Gail Beecher: 'Is nowhere safe from these vile creatures? Why can't they leave us alone!'
Leigh Putnam: 'That was too close for comfort, <name>. We have lent the aid we could, and it is past time we returned to Trestlebridge. Perhaps now these people will listen to reason.
'Let me know when you are ready to return to the town, and we will be off.'
Leigh Putnam: 'Let us return to Trestlebridge, <name>. This cave is no longer safe, if ever it was.'